Letter to the Editor

COVID-19, Delta strain and human eugenics

There have been many articles in the news recently about the COVID-19, Delta strain being much more contagious and deadly than previous strains that have recently killed more than a half million people in the U.S. In some areas of the country, Delta has quickly become the dominant strain. Doctors have repeatedly assured the public that existing vaccines provide strong protection against Delta and advised getting your free COVID-19 vaccination a priority.

Still the antivaxxers (some might say “deplorables”) resist.

The ultra-conservatives say, “You can’t make me get vaccinated.”

The religious radicals say, “God will protect me.”

The lazy and disorganized can’t find the time to stop at a CVS.

The ignorant and intellectually challenged don’t have a clue nor recognize life and death danger.

Unknowingly, the antivaxxers are practicing human eugenics. That’s the politically sensitive and controversial practice (think blond haired, blue eyes, WW II) involving selective population breeding to obtain the most intelligent, most productive, healthiest, “best”(in someone’s opinion) citizens. It’s similar to common agricultural eugenics practiced throughout the world for centuries, where we promote/breed the best crops and the healthiest, most productive herds.

So, by not getting vaccinated, antivaxxers are in effect practicing selective breeding of our population (simplistically, vaxxers live and antivaxxers die). The result will be a less radical and more intelligent (better) population.

My message to the antivaxxers: “beware, the COVID-19 Delta strain is coming to get you. Thanks for improving the quality of the herd.