Letters to the editor

It’s the content of one’s character that matters

Dear Mr. Pitts:

In a recent editorial (see https://www.leaderherald.com/opinion/editorials/2021/07/fear-loss-of-whiteness-privileges/) you stated and I quote, “Today, it’s critical race theory. Tomorrow — mark my words — it will be something else, some other pithy term to serve as a repository of all that the white right fears. There are many things for which they should be afraid — life, health, future. But sadly, they fear nothing quite so much as the loss of whiteness and its privileges.”

Martin Luther King Jr. said, and I quote, “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Your statement contradicts what Martin Luther King said and only serves to further inflame racial tensions. So you cannot claim to be a non-racist and if you do, then you are a hypocrite.

Your readers deserve better.



Ann Boles is great for the community

I recently read the article on the front page of this newspaper about the “Hiking Challenge…” and it got me thinking about several things. My first thought was about Anne Boles and what a great idea she promoted to a perfect end. This isn’t her first successful endeavor either!

It is a perfect way to get people out hiking and enjoying the beautiful Adirondack Mountains which surround this area. I feel many take this beauty for granted. Not originally coming from this area, I know this kind of beauty is not everywhere.

The five trails listed certainly are accessible by many levels of hiker abilities. Give them a try.

I also read about the FM Regional Chamber of Commerce and its launching of a Craft Beer Trail. What a great way to offer something else to do in this area. Look for more ways to check things out.

Come on folks, let’s join in and take advantage of the positive activities offered in our area. Don’t sit home and complain that there is nothing to do. There are things to do here so take advantage of them and go exploring. Just maybe you’ll have fun.



A thousand-year

Reich on the horizon?

The Democrats’ dream of an entirely “new United States” is positively repulsive, as was Hitler’s dream of a thousand-year Reich. Chuck Schumer was only being candid when he crowed that the time for “changing America” was at hand. It shall be a bloodless coup, but a coup nonetheless.

To mainstream Americans, Chuck’s vision is a bona fide nightmare. It is well to remember that mainstream Americans make up a very sizable majority of our citizens, spread out from sea to shining sea. Keep that in mind Chuck, as you and your ilk ride rough-shod over our rights, replacing them with your desperate fantasy of democrat-rule-forever. It’s a fact that you don’t give a damn about people of color, nor do you care about the poor, or the homeless. For you, it’s all about Power — in fact, you would like to establish a dynasty. Do you see yourself as Charles the First? Disgusting and definitely un-American.

Meanwhile, I predict that Democrats will have their way — for some time, assuming that all envisioned things come to pass.

I also predict that mainstream America will not take this unwholesome mutation lying down. “An Appeal To Heaven!” They simply will not “go gentle into that good night.”

But — God forbid, if I’m wrong and the Democrats succeed unhindered with their evil plans, it will be Goodnight America — RIP!