Letters to the editor — 9/21/2021

Columnist a hypocrite

In his July 30 editorial (“Biden’s ambitions imperiled”) in The Leader-Herald Jules Witcover, a nationally syndicated columnist, stated, “Biden has pressed the nation’s pharmaceutical industry to develop and produce an immense quantity of certified effective vaccines in record time….” Actually, it was President Trump who did so, not Joe Biden. So Witcover’s statement was a lie.

Witcover then described the Jan. 6 rally as an insurrection regardless that none of the protesters fired a shot; no member of Congress was injured or killed. Only one person was found to have a loaded firearm and a small number of protesters had other objects that could be used as weapons.

In contrast, the 2020 summer riots were described by the major left-leaning news networks as “mostly peaceful” but were marred by violence that caused billions of dollars of property damage, hundreds of injuries and at least 25 related fatalities across the United States of America. A police station in Minneapolis, MI, was attacked, sacked and burned to the ground. The federal courthouse in Portland, OR, was set on fire during more than 100 days of rioting. So why didn’t Witcover condemn these events which were clearly more destructive than the Jan. 6 rally? The answer is because Witcover is a hypocrite.

Mr. Witcover, your readers deserve better.

“Every man has a right to his own opinion, but no man has a right to be wrong in his facts.” — Bernard Baruch.

Charles Heimerdinger


Please slow down, watch for animals

On Sept. 2, our dachshund, Aries, was hit and killed (found on curb near driveway) by a driver who probably was unaware or was not paying attention and was driving too fast on Turkey Farm Road to realize that they had hit something. It was just past Nine Mile Tree Road that this occurred. Fortunately for him, he died quickly and did not suffer.

Too many accidents and situations like this have happened in this area because people do not believe in following speed zone signs as well as realizing that a crossroads is near (new signs indicate this) besides having a knoll before getting to Nine Mile Tree Road. They seem to be in too much of a hurry to get from Route 29 (Vails Mill) to Gloversville for one reason or another.

There have been many animals hit recently — two deer, a fox, and who knows what else because people are not paying attention to the surrounding area.

I know that people will say it is the wild animal’s fault or the owner’s fault for not keeping their pets under control, but they need to realize that some are very quick and/or escape from their confines.

I hope that whoever hit Aries does not experience this with their pets because it is heartbreaking to deal with, especially for someone who loves their pets as we do as if they were their children or grandchildren.

Sharon James


Preserve the planet for the next generation

As the fires in the west continue to burn, people in Germany mop up after catastrophic floods, the ice caps and glaciers melt, coral reefs bleach and die, and the Gulf Stream slows, with who knows what catastrophic consequences to our climate, our news media should be pounding us with the cause of it all-global warming caused by the greenhouse gasses CO2 and methane, resulting from our use of fossil fuels and cattle ranching.

We should be hearing about this in the news daily. Why? Because this is the most important issue ever, as it is an existential issue. Ignoring it is leading to the sixth mass extinction of species and may lead to our own extinction.

Be kind to your children and grandchildren, conserve fossil fuels and eat less beef. And vote for folk who recognize that the earth as we know it is dying.

Jahnn Swanker-Gibson


By Paul Wager