Don’t trust the Gloversville Party

Don’t trust the Gloversville Party and its false facts: The grants are not what they claim. The taxpayers must contribute a portion of the money. Do they all live in Gloversville? No. Is that OK with you? Bipartisan? No. RINO is what it is. They actively work against the true Republicans. Don’t forget the ridiculous investigation that wasted taxpayers’ money and was totally political. The city attorney was “unprofessional” and resigned, but was then awarded a proclamation.
When I think of the “Gloversville Party,” I am reminded of the previous mayor and how they supported him. Think about that.
Jamie VanSkiver

By Rodney Minor

One thought on “Don’t trust the Gloversville Party

  • The Republican Committee who represents Fulton County are Rinos. You are 100% correct. Look at what they are doing to Republican candidates for Gloverstville and Johnstown. They are supporting who ever supports there narrative, etc. Only way to stop it, is to vote against it. I am a write in candidate for The Town of Johnstown Council. The committee is totally ignoring and lying to voters that I am running.

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