Engel needs to be reinstated for vets

As a veteran I am greatly upset with the Fulton County’s Board of Supervisors’ recent action in not renewing Mr. Engel’s contract to head the county’s Veterans Service Agency. It appears that politics has once again reared its ugly head over common sense. Mr. Engel is highly qualified for this position and has helped many veterans get benefits. But the Republicans would rather have veterans suffer than to reappoint Mr. Engel.
They have no qualified person to take over this position.
Mr. Engel may have upset some of you because he fights hard to make things better for veterans, but I ask you to put aside your feelings and egos and act like you really want to help us veterans and take another vote to put Mr. Engel back in this position. Please put veterans first. Don’t let hurt feelings and politics get in the way of doing the right thing. Show us veterans that you are better than that.
John H. Quinn

By Rodney Minor

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