Jan. 6 was an attack on our government

In Dr. Salvatore’s Jan. 20 letter (“Don’t compare 1/6 to 9/11, Pearl Harbor”), it is in my opinion one in the same. In all instances, our government was attacked. How can the writer say this and then talk about BLM?
Why does the writer feel the need to talk about the unarmed woman, a veteran, being the only one killed on Jan. 6? Police were justified to shoot her as one of the attackers. This insurrection can be deemed an Act of War. What else can we say?
I have never been so shocked as I was on that day.
Many of us never thought we would ever see this type of action in our country.
Yet we are still pondering over what happened as another ‘tourist group’ in the Capitol. “Taint right!”
All of our representatives should be together enforcing the ultimate penalty for an act of treason.
This is not political; it is our government being attacked, and this should not happen again.
Vincent F. Carelli

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