Protect the future; vote out Trumpers

Apropos January’s recognition of the Jan. 6 attempted coup of 2021: considering that Trump appears to have the emotional stability of a toddler, I am surprised that, upon defeat, he didn’t fling himself to the ground, beat his fists and legs and cry, “I have a stupid country, I have a stupid, stupid country!”
Despite the emotional stability of a tot, or perhaps because of it, he is a dangerous man; dangerous to the Earth as a climate-change denier, to the country as a power-crazed zealot, to democracy as a fascist authoritarian wanna-be, to minorities and immigrants as a White supremacist hate-monger, to women as a misogynist, and to public health as a former covid-denier and a discourager of mask-wearing.
I do not see how Christians, or people of any religion for that matter, can support him and still claim to be strong in their faith.
For when it comes to God’s good creation of this Earth and its species, we are in very grave danger from people like him who place power and greed above life.
For the sake of the Earth, and your children and grandchildren, please vote his supporters, and that includes Rep. Elise Stefanik, out in November.
Jahnn Swanker-Gibson

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