Lighthouse offering a valuable service

The Lighthouse is a community residence dedicated to providing women suffering from chemical dependency with a supportive living environment and treatment necessary to effect their recovery and return to a productive, fulfilling life.

The Lighthouse provides services to 12 women who are recovering from chemical dependency and up to six dependent preschool children. In addition, pregnant women are given priority to ensure that proper prenatal care is given and babies are born to a healthy mother and in a safe environment. Within the residence, a variety of groups are held. These groups include life skills, goal setting, self-esteem and budgeting. Referrals to outside services such as parenting, outpatient treatment, vocational/educational planning, mental health, etc. will be made based on the needs of the resident. The women formulate an ongoing discharge plan based on their needs, which will include referrals for aftercare.

The average length of stay is six to 12 months and is based on each individual’s needs and rate of recovery.

Our goals are to provide a structured, homelike environment for women in treatment with no suitable living environment; to promote and support adjustment to a chemically abstinent lifestyle while living in a safe and supportive environment; to offer assistance with vocational/educational planning and preparation as well as enhancement of their social skills; and to assist the women with formulating a discharge plan based on the needs of the resident, including referrals for aftercare and medical, vocational and housing services. The women who enter the Lighthouse are grateful for the opportunity for this environment and volunteer in the community to show their appreciation.

For more information on the Lighthouse, please call Pat Trombley, program director, at 842-5131. For more information on the agency, visit us on our website at or call our offices at 762-5332 to receive our agency brochure or be placed on our mailing list for a quarterly newsletter.

This column was submitted by the Mental Health Association in Fulton and Montgomery Counties.

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