Local health column ready to resume

Recently I asked permission to start writing for The Leader-Herald again, and thankfully they agreed. But this time will be different than last time. This time, I have been given a word limit, which will make my brother (and others, I’m sure) happy, because I tended to get wordy. Also, this time I will be specifically focusing on answering questions from the readers, and my focus will be to provide something to help give clarity and/or direction for the particular question.

So today I would like to invite you to email me and ask your questions. I will respond to every email and do my best to answer all your questions directly or through the article in the Leader. I will not be including any last names in the article, but if you’d like to use a clever name so you know for sure it is your question, then I will include that name. (I will not be including any offensive or provocative names, no matter how clever.)

I would also like to take a brief moment right now to thank all those who have helped me through a rather large transition over the last few years. I have grown a lot as a person and a business owner.

My intention is to continue my efforts to share what experiences I have had through the years. So, to my staff, friends, families and the community as a whole, thank you.

The column will be bi-monthly. This is to allow me time to make sure I have a fairly well written article and to make sure I have provided the best answer I can. My first article will be based on a recent question I was asked by a woman in South Africa who found a column I wrote in 2007 in The Leader Herald. I have been amazed by the number of emails I have received, and it was one of the factors that helped me decide to write again.

If you would like to ask a question, please email it to me at [email protected]

I look forward to helping answer your questions.

Gloversville native Matthew Goodemote is the owner of Goodemote Physical Therapy in Saratoga Springs and Community Physical Therapy & Wellness in Gloversville.

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