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Fulton County government has a history of responding to economic challenges.

When the leather and glove industry faded, we rebounded, recovered and reinvented ourselves. We choose to take action when new opportunities present themselves.

In the 1980s, we developed a plan that inspired the construction of Crossroads Industrial Park, Johnstown Industrial Park and Crossroads Business Park. We acted fast, and all three of these facilities utilized our county’s unique qualities and contribute greatly to the business climate here in Fulton County.

But like most communities upstate, we are facing new economic challenges. The recovery that folks are feeling in other parts of the country hasn’t made its way to our neighborhoods yet; however, we are confident that we have a plan to revitalize our economy.

Now we’re ready to take this to the next level.

With extensive economic research, planning and eagerness for change, “Jump Start Fulton County” was born. This multi-faceted plan aims to promote growth, business and affordability within the county and provide a “shot in the arm” to the local economy.

Step one to promote growth, business and affordability within the county starts with the people.

Fulton County NY POSI+IVE is helping surrounding communities and visitors recognize the endless opportunities that Fulton County has in store for them.

The branding campaign, which was introduced in late 2015, is working to shed light on Fulton County and reveal our community as one that is welcoming and ready to expand. We have considerable advantages over other communities. The costs of property, single-family homes and shovel-ready land in Fulton County are significantly lower, with much higher availability.

Affordability, natural beauty and safety are the qualities that make Fulton County the easy choice for families and businesses looking for a new place.

Two other critically important components of the “Jump Start Fulton County” initiative include Tryon Technology Park and the SMART Waters Regional Water and Sewer System. Both will help in the transformation of Fulton County and will provide opportunities and progress for years to come.

Tryon Technology Park will be the modern technology industry hub that our region needs. It’s easy access and 220 acres of shovel-ready sites, in addition to current tenant Vireo Health and plans for a Regional Business Training & Incubator Center, will provide any size business with the facility and infrastructure needed to succeed.

SMART Waters, the historic intermunicipal agreement between Fulton County and the city of Gloversville, will allow extension of municipal water service and utilities like never before. Developments that were once out of reach will now have easy and affordable access.

This undertaking is large, but we know from experience that it can be done with community engagement and input. At this fall’s Vision 2026 Summit, we will unveil a proposed 10 year Vision and Development Strategy for Fulton County and ensure that comments and concerns from the public are heard and addressed. This is an important part of any public plan.

When governments face challenges, they can choose one of two paths. They can dig their heels in and let history repeat itself, or they can be bold and try something new.

Fulton County officials have chosen to be bold.

Charles Potter is the Chairman of the Fulton County Board of Supervisors.

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