Trump thinking of own interests

You proposed in your editorial that if Obama had bugged Trump Tower, it was serious and should be investigated. It was an idle claim because it could hot have been done without a court order.

You seem to think that Trump’s claims have credence. A partial list of his fraudulent claims is as follows:

Three million illegal voters; busloads of illegal voters into New Hampshire; a judge should not hear his case of fraud because his parents were Mexican. He encouraged Russia to get into the campaign; the judges are wrong to prevent his ban on Muslims.

He claims that the CIA and the FBI are wrong about Russia. He said the intelligence services are not credible. He knows better. In addition, he says the non-partisan budget is wrong to point out that the substitute for Obamacare will cost $12,000 more than Obama’s health care law. All these falsehoods are the signs of a dictatorial tendency, and we have a right to be scared that we may be losing our freedom. This is far more serious than what he claims Obama did.

Let’s analyze the claim of 3 million illegal voters. This would have required the 3 million illegal voters to supply a name that was in the election voter book to thousands of election inspectors, both Republican and Democrat. Inspectors take an oath to comply with the election laws and so would have to find a name in the book in order to allow that person to vote at all.

Trump is insulting thousands of inspectors with an unsubstantiated claim of perjury. Attacking a public figure like President Obama may have no consequences, while it may be that election inspectors have a possible class-action suit. As to the claim of busloads being sent to New Hampshire, that is an outright lie. No polling place would accept a busload of voters from anywhere. As an election inspector, I feel Trump insulted me personally. I take my duties as an inspector seriously as do all of the inspectors. It is not a job that we do for fun, but do it because we believe in our right to a fair and honest election. If Trump thinks the election process is crooked, perhaps he should become an inspector. Of course, then he would have to obey the election laws.

These false claims that Trump has been making are distracting from what he is really doing to our country. When the EPA safeguards for workers and citizens are canceled and corporations and banks are giving free reign to destroy the checks and balances that have been put in place to protect the public, these actions by Trump are being used to hide what is being passed or ordered.

As a newspaper, you should be pointing out what is happening to the worker and average citizen by some of these executive orders and laws that the Congress is passing. The average person needs to know that Congress and Trump only have their own interests in mind, not the well-being of the general public.

Patricia Bender lives in Johnstown.

By Patricia Older

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