Saratoga Auto Museum to feature helmet art as part of new exhibit

Saratoga Springs — When the Saratoga Automobile Museum reopens once the Covid-19 pandemic subsides, the main Golub Gallery exhibit will feature the iconic collection of noted sports car racer Rob Dyson.

But along with Dyson’s collection of gleaming road race cars, vintage Indianapolis racers dating all the way to 1913 and historic road cars, museum officials will also mount a wide-ranging mini-exhibit of helmet art.

Ever since the days of the primitive Cromwell style helmet, racers have decorated their helmets with lettering and graphics.

Technology has allowed for ever more complicated designs in recent years and helmets have truly become an art form greatly appreciated by the viewing public.

Some designs promote sponsors while others give insight into a driver’s personality but all are interesting.

Drivers interested in loaning their helmets for display can arrange to be included in the display by emailing SCCA racer Tom Campbell at [email protected] or Speed Sport News columnist and Saratoga Automobile Museum racing exhibit coordinator Ron Hedger at [email protected]

Participants will be provided loan agreements and insurance information.

By Paul Wager

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