MTA hosts annual basketball game

MAYFIELD – The Mayfield Teachers Association sponsored its 30th Annual MTA Benefit Game on March 1.

The benefit game was established in 1983 by the Mayfield teachers to raise money for scholarship awards that are given to three graduating seniors each year.

This year was a very successful year, thanks to the Mayfield Teachers, the Mayfield Athletic Booster club, and Mayfield Volunteer Fire Department for volunteering their Friday night, and the community members who came in order to raise money to be awarded to three seniors from the class of 2013.

Many events took place throughout the evening. The night was kicked off with the National Anthem sung by members of the Mayfield High School Drama Club. The night was filled with the entertaining presence of the MCS Precision Team, the performance by the High School Cheerleaders, a performance by the Drama Club, the basket raffle and 50/50 raffle drawings, as well as much more.

There was a basketball game between the fifth- and sixth-grade girls with the Gold Team winning over the Blue Team with a score of 12-6. The high scorers of the event were Taryn LaFontaine with six points on the Gold Team and Anna Gates with four points for the Blue Team.

The Gold Team won over the Blue Team in the fifth- and sixth-grade boys basketball game with a score of 44-26. High scorers for the Gold Team were Garret Delaney with 12 points and Daniel Leach with eight points. High scorers for the Blue Team were Brodryk Benton with eight points and Darren Frasier and Adam Liebers with four points each.

There also was a volleyball game played between the Mayfield staff and the Senior class of 2013 with the staff winning over the seniors.

The Elementary Precision Team gave a performance at halftime. The team consists of fifth- and sixth-grade girls who perform a dance-type routine under the direction of Megan Guttenberg, with High School helpers Kendra Birch, Becca Bornt, Taylor Gifford and Kelsey Wasson.

Both the elementary and junior high schools held a poster contest before the MTA game. The elementary winners were: Josie LaVada (first place), Mikayla Meyer (second place) and Daniel Leach (third place). At the high school level, first place went to Sierra Luck, second place went to Arianna Lanzi and third place was Brenna VanNostrand.

The evening was a success due to the support and cooperation of many local businesses. Because of their donations, 100 percent of the profits can go directly to the scholarship fund.

The Mayfield Teachers Association would like to thank the MCS clubs and organizations that helped out, Rick Hoose and his staff, the Mayfield Athletic Booster Club, all of the classes who donated theme baskets, and everyone from the community who came out to support the Mayfield Teachers Association and the students of the Mayfield School District.

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