Royal Racing Team competes in meet

ROME – The Royal Mountain Racing Team competed at Woods Valley Ski Area on Sunday.

In the 8-and-younger girls division, Samantha Sandel placed second with a combined two-run time of 2:09.41.

In the 8-and-younger boys division, Noah Stock won with a combined time of 2:33.11, while Marcus Leo (2:27.21) was second.

In the 10-and-younger boys division, Michael Fluty (1:52.22) won, while Brady Cotter (2:02.19) was second. Carter Cheney (2:06.67) was sixth, Andrew Lake (2:15.19) was eighth and Jakob Hanna (2:33.54) was 11th.

Jill Sandel (1:53.68) was fourth in the 12-and-younger girls division, while Abbigail Fluty (1:55.91) was fifth.

Colin Cotter (1:41.25) was second in the 12-and-younger boys division.

The Royal Mountain Racing Team will compete Saturday at Snow Ridge.

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