Royal Mountain kicks off season with motocross event

CAROGA LAKE – On a brisk, breezy day, a field of 222 riders was in attendance for the Monster Energy Motorcross opener at Royal Mountain Ski Area on Sunday.

Five area riders posted wins in the opener at Royal Mountain, which was selected as the Central New York Motocross Racing Association Track of the Year in 2015.

Johnstown’s Todd Cleveland won the plus-40 expert and plus-45 expert classes. He also was second in the plus-30 expert class.

Mayfield’s B.J. Smith won the plus-30 expert class, while Johnstown’s Maxx Miller won the pee wee junior 4-to-6-year-old class

Johnstown’s Casey Battisti won the schoolboy 12-to-16-year-old class. He also was second in the 122-250 amateur class.

Amsterdam’s Kaityn Phillips won the women’s class.

In addition to Cleveland, three other riders claimed wins in two classes.

Middle Grove’s Kevin Uebrick picked up wins in the 122-250 expert and 122-open expert classes.

Frankfort’s Jake Owens won the two-stroke 10-11 and junior mini 9-to-11-year-old classes.

Ballston Spa’s Brett Burns won the two-stroke 12-to-15-year-old and open mini 10-to-16-year-old classes.

Other winners included Ballston Spa’s Ryan West (122-125 two-stroke), Camden’s Aaron Davis (122-250 amateur), Middleburgh’s Jim McBain (122-250 novice). Saratoga Springs’ Sean Gillen (122-open amateur), Poland’s Michael Sypolt (122-open novice), LaFayette’s Jimmy Argus (pee wee senior 7-8), Clifton Park’s Gavin Betts (two-stock 7-9), Corinth’s Daniel Hogan (plus-25 amateur), Freehold’s Greg Challacombe (plus-25 expert), Windsor’s Matt Avery (plus-25 quad), Poland’s David Ozog (plus-30 amateur), Oneonta’s David Hurlburt (plus-40 amateur), East Greenbush’s Jeff Briscoe (plus-45 amateur), Holland Patent’s Mike Murray (plus-50), Williamson’s Justin Mosley (quad amateur), Fulton’s Adam Briggs (quad expert), Troy’s Peter Miller (quad novice) Willet’s Gage Larsen (quad schoolboy), Howes Cave’s Drew Cleveland (collegeboy), Middle Grove’s Ohlen Sittner (mini quad 50cc production), Fulton’s Andrew Lindsley (mini quad 51-90cc production) and Matthew Hicks of Athens, Pa., won the plus-30 novice class.

Several area riders posted top-five finishes.

Fort Plain’s Brody Zelezny was second in the 122-250 expert class.

In the pee wee junior 4-to-6-year-old class, St. Johnsville’s Chris Hill was third and Johnstown’s Adam Handy was fifth.

In the pee wee senior 7-and-8-year-old class, Gloversville’s Joseph Adelman was second and Dolgeville’s Jim George was fifth.

Johnstown’s Bennett Melita was second in the two-stroke 10-and-11-year-old class, while Gloversville’s Devin Buyce was third.

Melita also was third in the junior mini 9-to-11-year-old class, while Johnstown’s Hayden Zelich was fourth.

Fonda’s Timothy Wilmot was fourth in the two-stroke 7-to-9-year-old class.

Fonda’s Carter Petersen was third in the schoolboy 12-to-16-year-old class, fifth in the two-stroke 12-to-15-year-old class and fourth in the open mini 10-to-16-year-old class.

Johnstown’s Brandon Handy was fifth in the open mini 10-to-16-year-old class

Johnstown’s Adryan Pelosi was second in the collegeboy class.

Amsterdam’s Brandon Dumblewski was second in the plus-30 amateur class, while Gloversville’s Dennis Fitzpatrick was fourth in the plus-50 class.

In the plus-40 expert class, Johnstown’s Chris Hutchison was third and Johnstown’s Michael Ward was fifth. Hutchinson was second in the plus-45 expert class.

In the quad amateur class, Broadalbin’s Andrew Hughes was second, Broadalbin’s Colby Watras was third and Gloversville’s E.J. McAuliffe was fourth.

Royal Mountain will be back in action with a two-day motocross event May 28 and 29.

Monster Energy Motocross

Royal Mountain Ski Area

122-125 Two-Stroke: 1. Ryan West (Ballston Spa), 2. Aaron Davis (Camden), 3. Kevin Davis (Camden), 4. Dustin Bond (West Winfield), 5. Scott Hughes (Edmeston)

122-250 Amateur: 1. Aaron Davis (Camden), 2. Casey Battisti (Johnstown), 3. Kevin Davis (Camden), 4. Chas Higgins (Rotterdam), 5. Evan Rosko (Schaghticoke)

122-250 Expert: 1. Kevin Uebrick (Middle Grove), 2. Brody Zelezny (Fort Plain), 3. Christopher Ray (Cairo), 4. Ryan West (Ballston Spa)

122-250 Novice: 1. Jim McBain (Middleburgh), 2. Carter Gibbons (Scotia), 3. Bryce Mussen (Burnt Hills), 4. Lee Bond (West Winfield), 5. Carman Casole (South Glens Falls)

122-Open Amateur: 1. Sean Gillen (Saratoga Springs), 2. Edward Allen (Lake Luzerne), 3. Tyler Hanley (Vernon), 4. Ryan Rose (Gansevoort), 5. Matt Matthewson (Bainbridge)

122-Open Expert: 1. Kevin Uebrick (Middle Grove), 2. Cody Locci (East Berne), 3. Drew Cleveland (Howes Cave), 4. Kevin Scarcella (Ravena), 5. Joseph Vitetta (East Berne)

122-Open Novice: 1. Michael Sypolt (Poland), 2. T.J. Bedresian (Clifton Park), 3. Jamie Hobbs (Binghamton), 4. Carman Casole (South Glens Falls), 5. Bryce Mussen (Burnt Hills)

Pee Wee Junior (4-6): 1. Maxx Miller (Johnstown), 2, Brady Rodecker (Scotia), 3. Chris Hill (St. Johnsville), 4. Johnny Shellard (Delanson), 5. Adam Handy (Johnstown)

Pee Wee Senior (7-8): 1. Jimmy Argus (LaFayette), 2. Joseph Adelman (Gloversville), 3. Brydon Broe (Queensbury), 4. Tyler Kramer (Binghamton), 5. Jim George (Dolgeville)

Two-Stroke (10-11): 1. Jake Owens (Frankfort), 2. Bennett Melita (Johnstown), 3. Devin Buyce (Gloversville), 4. Tyler Rando (Ilion)

Two-Stroke (7-9): 1. Gavin Betts (Clifton Park), 2. Logan Forward (Bouckville), 3. Jimmy Argus (LaFayette), 4. Timothy Wilmot (Fonda), 5. Brennan Rodecker (Scotia)

Two-Stroke (12-15): 1. Brett Burns (Ballston Spa), 2. Kenneth DeRidder (Middle Grove), 3. Isaac Lawyer (Saratoga Springs), 4. Joey Argus (LaFayette), 5. Carter Petersen (Fonda)

Collegeboy: 1. Drew Cleveland (Howes Cave), 2. Adryan Pelosi (Johnstown), 3. Michael Sypolt (Poland), 4. Sean Gillen (Saratoga Springs), 5. R.J. Gordan (Schenectady)

Junior Mini (9-11): 1. Jake Owens (Frankfort), 2. Gavin Betts (Clifton Park), 3. Bennett Melita (Johnstown), 4. Hayden Zelich (Johnstown), 5. Logan Forward (Bouckville)

Mini Quad (50cc production): 1. Ohlen Sittner (Middle Grove)

Mini Quad (51-90cc production): 1. Andrew Lindsley (Fulton), 2. Wyndam Spooner (Maryland)

Open Mini (10-16): 1. Brett Burns (Ballston Spa), 2. Kenneth DeRidder (Middle Grove), 3. Isaac Lawyer (Saratoga Springs), 4.Carter Petersen (Fonda), 5. Brandon Handy (Johnstown)

Plus-25 Amateur: 1. Daniel Hogan (Corinth), 2. Jason Reynolds (Westerlo), 3. Billy Brown (Cairo), 4. Jim McBain (Middleburgh), 5. T.J. Bedresian (Clifton Park)

Plus-25 Expert: 1. Greg Challacombe (Freehold), 2. Kevin Scarcella (Ravena), 3. Justin Hardish (Vernon), 4. Grant Gastrom (Ilion), 5. Andrew Darrah (South Glens Falls)

Plus-25 Quad: 1. Matt Avery (Windsor)

Plus-30 Amateur: 1. David Ozog (Poland), 2. Brandon Dumblewski (Amsterdam)

Plus-30 Expert: 1. B.J. Smith (Mayfield), 2. Todd Cleveland (Johnstown), 3. Grant Gastrom (Ilion), 4. Edward Moorhead (Poland), 5. Andrew Darrah (South Glens Falls)

Plus-30 Novice: 1. Matthew Hicks (Athens, Pa.)

Plus-40 Amateur: 1. David Hurlburt (Oneonta), 2. James Fuller (Ticonderoga)

Plus-40 Expert: 1. Todd Cleveland (Johnstown), 2. Grant Gastrom (Ilion), 3. Chris Hutchison (Johnstown), 4. Edward Nadeau (Saratoga Springs), 5. Michael Ward (Johnstown)

Plus-45 Amateur: 1. Jeff Briscoe (East Greenbush), 2. Heath Decker (Cohoes), 3. David Hurlburt (Oneonta), 4. James Fuller (Ticonderoga), 5. Matt Avery (Windsor)

Plus-45 Expert: 1. Todd Cleveland (Johnstown), 2. Chris Hutchison (Johnstown), 3. Mike Murray (Holland Patent), 4. James Demko (Frankfort), 5. Edward Nadeau (Saratoga Springs)

Plus-50: 1. Mike Murray (Holland Patent), 2. Jim Croft (Hartwick), 3. Joe Fuller (Queensbury), 4. Dennis Fitzpatrick (Gloversville)

Quad Amateur: 1. Justin Mosley (Williamson), 2. Andrew Hughes (Broadalbin), 3. Colby Watras (Broadalbin), 4. E.J. McAuliffe (Gloversville)

Quad Expert: 1. Adam Briggs (Fulton), 2. Jacob Tripple (West Winfield), 3. Cory Seamon (Burlington), 4. Devon Malbouf (Copenhagen), 5. James Farney (Lowville)

Quad Novice: 1. Peter Miller (Troy), 2. Gavin Fleury (Ticonderoga), 3. Brandon Avery (Windsor), 4. Darrich Maille (Queensbury), 5. Kyle Seamon (Burlington Flats)

Quad Schoolboy: 1. Gage Larsen (Willet), 2. Kiara Eaton (Palmyra), 3. William Bell (Queensbury)

Schoolboy (12-16): 1. Casey Battisti (Johnstown), 2. Scott Hughes (Edmeston), 3. Carter Petersen (Fonda), 4. Erin Demers (Troy), 5. Aeden O’Connor (Richmondville)

Women: 1. Kaitlyn Phillips (Amsterdam), 2. Jackie Young (Clifton Park)

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