Braves Parslow earns Class C Central first-team all-star honors

Fonda-Fultonville quarterback Dan Parslow carries the ball into the end zone for a touchdown against Stillwater on Sept. 9. (The Leader-Herald/Bill Trojan)

Several Fonda-Fultonville football players were among those named to the Section II Class C Central Division all-star team.

Quarterback Dan Parslow was named to the first-team offensive, while running back Massimo DiCaprio and tackle Kyle Gray were named to the second-team offense. Kicker Tyler Weaver was named second-team special teams, while defensive lineman Matt Bollacker was named to the second-team defense.

Voorheesville’s Ryan Daly was named the Class C Central Division Overall Player of the Year.

The Blackbirds also had Dalton Esposito (running back), Ethan Richardson (wide receiver), Brendan McMahon (guard), Jack Murray (tackle) and Patrick Foley (center) named to the first-team offense.

In addition to their offensive selections, Voorheesville also had Shawn Morin (linebacker), Brayden Esposito (defensive back) and Ethan Richardson (defensive back) named to the first-team defense.

Mechanicville had Dan Hayner named Defensive Player of the Year, while Dan Motta was named Ironman of the Year.

The Red Raiders also had Marc DeBates (running back), Keegan McHale (wide receiver) and Cody Hayner (guard) named to the first-team offense. Mechanicville also had Billy Callahan (linebacker), Mike Gaudette (defensive line) and Spencer Morgan (defensive line) named to the first-team defense.

Stillwater’s Ezra Echandia was named the Offensive Player of the Year and named first-team special teams as a return specialist. The Warriors also had Danny Morris (running back) and Curtis Miller (wide receiver) named to the first-team offense.

Rounding out the first-team offensive selections were Holy Trinity’s Dion Sexton (running back) and Liam Maloney (tackle)

Holy Trinity was well-represented on the first-team defense as David Quill (linebacker), Cam Kiser (linebacker), Jacob Cross (defensive line), Dylan Behunin (defensive back) and Nacier Hundley (defensive back) were honored.

Stillwater’s Hunter Zuzick (defensive line) rounded out the first-team defensive selections.

Mechanicville kicker Jake LaFountain and return specialist Dante Dambro were named first-team special teams, along with Holy Trinity punter Nick Picini.

Stillwater quarterback Sean Kane was named to the second-team offense. The Warriors also had Mason Seymour (running back) and Tyler Cage (tackle) earn second-team offensive honors.

Rounding out the second-team offense were Mechanicville’s Evan Chapman (running back), Holy Trinity’s Jordan Mettler (wide receiver), Voorheesville’s Cooper Smith (wide receiver), Holy Trinity’s Alex Brown (wide receiver), Holy Trinity’s Jake Marrone (guard), Mechanicville’s Andrew Clark (tackle) and Holy Trinity’s Sam Lock (center).

Voorheesville had Dalton Esposito (linebacker), Pat Foley (defensive line), Ian Owens (defensive back) and Jimmy Conley (defensive line) named to the second-team defense, while kicker Brendan McMahon was named second-team special teams.

Rounding out the second-team defense were Holy Trinity’s Nick Pacini (linebacker), Stillwater’s Mike Ahern (linebacker), Stillwater’s Max Lautenberg (linebacker), Mechanicville’s Ross Stockman (defensive line) and Stillwater’s James Galarneau (defensive back).

2016 Section II Class C Central Division Football All-Stars

Overall Player of the Year: Ryan Daly (Voorheesville)

Offensive Player of the Year: Ezra Echandia (Stillwater)

Defensive Player of the Year: Dan Hayner (Mechanicville)

Ironman of the Year: Dan Motta (Mechanicville)

First Team Offense

Quarterback: Dan Parslow (Fonda-Fultonville)

Running Back: Dalton Esposito (Voorheesville), Marc DeBates (Mechanicville), Danny Morris (Stillwater), Dion Sexton (Holy Trinity)

Wide Receiver: Ethan Richardson (Voorheesville), Curtis Miller (Stillwater), Keegan McHale (Mechanicville)

Guard: Brendan McMahon (Voorheesville), Cody Hayner (Mechanicville)

Tackle: Jack Murray (Voorheesville), Liam Maloney (Holy Trinity)

Center: Patrick Foley (Voorheesville)

First Team Defense

Linebacker: Shawn Morin (Voorheesville), David Quill (Holy Trinity), Cam Kiser (Holy Trinity), Billy Callahan (Mechanicville)

Defensive Line: Jacob Cross (Holy Trinity), Hunter Zuzick (Stillwater), Spencer Morgan (Mechanicville), Mike Gaudette (Mechanicville)

Defensive Backs: Dylan Behunin (Holy Trinity), Brayden Esposito (Voorheesville), Nacier Hundley (Holy Trinity), Ethan Richardson (Voorheesville)

First Team Special Teams

Kicker: Jake LaFountain (Mechanicville)

Punter: Nick Picini (Holy Trinity)

Return Specialist: Ezra Echandia (Stillwater), Dante Dambro (Mechanicville)

Second Team Offense

Quarterback: Sean Kane (Stillwater)

Running Back: Evan Chapman (Mechanicville), Massimo DiCaprio (Fonda-Fultonville), Mason Seymour (Stillwater)

Wide Receiver: Jordan Mettler (Holy Trinity), Cooper Smith (Voorheesville), Alex Brown (Holy Trinity)

Guard: Jake Marrone (Holy Trinity)

Tackle: Tyler Cage (Stillwater), Andrew Clark (Mechanicville), Kyle Gray (Fonda-Fultonville)

Center: Sam Lock (Holy Trinity)

Second Team Defense

Linebacker: Nick Pacini (Holy Trinity), Mike Ahern (Stillwater), Dalton Esposito (Voorheesville), Max Lautenberg (Stillwater)

Defensive Line: Ross Stockman (Mechanicville), Matt Bollacker (Fonda-Fultonville), Pat Foley (Voorheesville), Jimmy Conley (Voorheesville)

Defensive Backs: James Galarneau (Stillwater), Ian Owens (Voorheesville)

Second Team Special Teams

Kicker: Brendan McMahon (Voorheesville), Tyler Weaver (Fonda-Fultonville)

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