Track & Field Roundup: B-P sweeps Johnstown in Foothills Council meet

From left, Broadalbin-Perth’s Jonathon Simmons, Broadalbin-Perth’s Christopher Wagner and Johnstown’s Erik Frank compete in the boys 110-meter hurdles during Tuesday’s Foothills Council meet at Patriot Field in Broadalbin. (The Leader-Herald/Bill Trojan)

BROADALBIN — The Broadalbin-Perth track teams hosted Foothills Council rival Johnstown Tuesday at Patriot Field and picked up a pair of closely contested victories.

Led by Ivan Roberts’ triple individual victory performance, the Patriots topped Johnstown 88.5-52.5, while the B-P girls eked out a 73-68 victory over the Lady Bills.

Eliana Frasier was a double individual winner for the Lady Patriots with her victories in the 100- and 200-meter dashes, while Aylene Newman swept the 1,500 and 3,000 meter runs for Johnstown.

Roberts swept the 100, 200 and 400 meter sprints for the Patriots, while Jeff Derwin won the shot put and discus and Christopher Wagner claimed victories in the pole vault and 110-meter high hurdles.

Nicholas Frasier posted three victories for the Sir Bills, topping the field in the high jump, long jump and triple jump. Brandon Mraz claimed victories in the 1,600 and 3,200 meter runs.

Foothills Council


Broadalbin-Perth 73, Johnstown 68

100: Eliana Fraser (BP), 13.3.

200: Eliana Fraser (BP), 27.7.

400: Molly Lake (J), 1:08.6.

800: Alayna Gray (J), 2:44.0.

1500: Aylene Newman (J), 5:36.6.

3000: Aylene Newman (J), 12:08.90.

100HH: Briana Dean (J), 18.20.

400IH: Gabrielle Larsen (BP), 1:20.0.

400 relay: Broadalbin-Perth (Carsno, Parrotti, O’Connor, Fraser), 54.8.

1600 relay: Johnstown (Rose, Lake, Wilson, Sear), 4:40.2.

3200 relay: Johnstown (Sear, Lake, Gray, Sanjurjo), 10:44.4.

High jump: Briana Dean (J), 4-06.0.

Pole vault: Madison Fariello )BP), 7-00.0.

Long jump: Victoria Laurange (BP), 15-04.0.

Triple jump: Hailey Parrotti (BP), 31-09.5.

Shot put: Gabby Palmer (J), 23-07.

Discus: Caitlin Palmateer (BP), 75-11.


Broadalbin-Perth 88.5, Johnstown 52.5.

100: Ivan Roberts (BP), 11.5.

200: Ivan Roberts (BP), 24.2.

400: Ivan Roberts (BP), 56.4.

800: Christian Solby (J), 2:13.20.

1600: Brandon Mraz (J), 5:00.

3200: Brandon Mraz (J), 11:06.3.

110HH: Christopher Wagner (BP), 17.2.

400IH: Jacob Bunker (BP), 1:08.0.

400 relay: Broadalbin-Perth (Taylor, Wagner, Meher, Bunker), 48.4.

1600 relay: Johnstown (Fullington, Ropeter, Solby, Frank), 3:45.8.

3200 relay: Johnstown (Solby, Ropeter, Kotwasinski, Mraz), 9:10.3.

High jump: Nicholas Frasier (J), 6-00.

Pole vault: Christopher Wagner (BP), 12-06.

Long jump: Nicholas Frasier (J), 18-03.75.

Triple jump: Nicholas Frasier (J), 39-06.5.

Shot put: Jeff Derwin (BP), 55-02.

Discus: Jeff Derwin (BP), 155-05.

Glens Falls tops Gloversville

GLENS FALLS — Gloversville’s Madison Fancher won three individual events for Gloversville, while Hailey Bugaj-Dunlap and Sam Poulin were double winners for the Huskies in their Foothills Council losses to Glens Falls.

Fancher posted victories in the 100-meter high hurdles, the 400-meter intermediate hurdles and the high jump, while Bugaj-Dunlap won the 800 and 1500 meter runs. Poulin won the high jump and the triple jump in the boys, while Jared Malagisi also posted a victory in the shot put.

Kasey Gorton was a triple individual winner for the Glens Falls girls, claiming wins in the 100-meter dash, long jump and triple jump.


Glens Falls 75, Gloversville 53

100: Kasey Gorton (GF), 13.10.

200: Marlee Pelton Fuentes (GF), 30.80.

400: Sierra Fancher (G), 1:14.

800: Hailey Bugaj-Dunlap (G), 2:42.0.

1500: Hailey Bugaj-Dunlap (G), 5:42.

3000: Lauren Hauser (GF), 14:52.

100HH: Madison Fancher (G), 16.60.

400IH: Madison Fancher (G), 1:17.0.

400 relay: Gloversville (S. Fancher, Port, Winter, Bakyta), 55.10.

1600 relay: Gloversville (Bugaj Dunlap, Cook, Winter, M. Fancher), 4:45.0.

3200 relay: Glens Falls (Culliton, Burton, Yeager, Frank), 11:42.9.

High jump: Madison Fancher (G), 4-10.0.

Pole vault: Miranda Allen (GF), 7-00.

Long jump: Kasey Gorton (GF), 16-01.0.

Triple jump: Kasey Gorton (GF), 35-02.0.

Shot put: Kayla Lugo (GF), 27-01.5.

Discus: Nefedaya Smith (GF), 82-01.


Glens Falls 107, Gloversville 33

100: Aalijah Sampson (GF), 11.6.

200: Aaron Sampson (GF) 24.7.

400: Sean Ash (GF), 54.0.

800: Chris Hughes (GF), 2:05.0.

1600: Chris Hughes (GF), 5:13.0.

3200: Noah Britton (GF), 11:14.0.

110HH: Andy Culliton (GF), 17.75.

400IH: Andy Culliton (GF), 1:07.0.

400 relay: Glens Falls (A. Sampson, A. Sampson, Murphy, Riopelle), 46.4.

1600 relay: Glens Falls, 4:01.0.

3200 relay: Glens Falls (Hughes, Bordeau, Britton, Wyman), 9:28.40.

High jump: Sam Poulin (G), 5-03.0.

Pole vault: Drew Floyd (GF), 9-06.0.

Long jump: Aaron Sampson (GF), 19-09..

Triple jump: Sam Poulin (G), 36-07.0.

Shot put: Jared Malagisi (G), 34-06.0.

Discus throw: Tom Cahill (GF), 98-0.

Amsterdam splits with Scotia-Glenville

AMSTERDAM — Kevon Boucaud posted four individual victories in the Amsterdam Rams loss to Scotia-Glenville, while the Lady Rams got double wins from Brenda Santana, Olivia Lazarou, Gabby Stanavich and Haley Madej in their victory over the Lady Tartans.

Santana was first to the line in the 100- and 200-meter dashes, while Stanavich won the 100-meter high hurdles and 400-meter intermediate hurdles. Lazarou swept the 1,500- and 3,000-meter runs and Madej topped the field in the shot put and discus.

Boucaud won the 100, 200 and 400-meter sprints and the long jump, while Marcos Santiago picked up wins in the 100-meter high hurdles and the 400-meter intermediate hurdles.

Jacob Greski was a double winner for Scotia-Glenville with victories in the 1,600 and 3,200 meters.


Amsterdam 94, Scotia-Glenville 38

100: Brenda Santana (A), 12.0.

200: Brenda Santana (A), 26.4.

400: Lauren Santiago (A), 1:00.8.

800: Edena Sanchez (A), 2:25.4.

1500: Olivia Lazarou (A), 5:01.1.

3000: Olivia Lazarou (A), 11:24.9.

100HH: Gabby Stanavich (A), 15.4.

400IH: Gabby Stanavich (A), 1:11.4.

400 relay: Amsterdam (Beekman, Santana, Stanavich, Sanchez), 51.40.

1600 relay: Amsterdam (Santana, Sanchez, Stanavich, Santiago), 4:13.3.

3200 relay: Amsterdam (Grybos, Lazarou, Sondrup, Sanchez), 10:30.8.

High jump: Kayla Sondrup (A), 4-08.0.

Long jump: Mikyla Mitchell (SG), 14-05.75.

Triple jump: Emma Gomez (A), 31-03.0.

Shot put: Haley Madej (A), 25-03.5.

Discus: Haley Madej (A), 79-08.

Pole vault: not contested.


Scotia-Glenville 79, Amsterdam 62

100: Kevon Boucaud (A), 10.9.

200: Kevon Boucaud (A), 22.1.

400: Kevon Boucaud (A), 50.5.

800: Ryan Kamanu (A), 2:10.8.

1600: Jacob Greski (SG), 4:50.5.

3200: Jacob Greski (SG), 10:31.4.

110HH: Marcos Santiago (A), 15.50.

400IH: Marcos Santiago (A), 1:03.20.

400 relay: Amsterdam (Forsey, Rodriguez, Sanchez, Santiago), 45.80.

1600 relay: Amsterdam (Gomez, Kemanu, Rodriguez, Santiago), 3:41.8.

3200 relay: Scotia-Glenville (Tabbert, Greski, Jerrald, Bruce), 8:55.9.

High jump: Ricky Woodley (SG), 6-01.0.

Pole vault: Anthony Clements (SG), 9-00.0.

Long jump: Kevon Boucaud (A), 22-03.5.

Triple jump: Chris Adams (SG), 38-11.0.

Shot put: Ire Pinney (SG), 38-09.0.

Discus: Dominic Jack (SG), 104-04.

Western Athletic Conference

Fort Plain/OESJ hosts first meet

FORT PLAIN — The combined Ft. Plain/Oppenheim-Ephratah/St. Johnsville earned a split with Galway in its inaugural Western Athletic Conference meet.

The Ft. Plain/Oppenheim-Ephratah/St. Johnsville girls slipped past Galway 73-68, while the Golden Eagles won on the boys side, 93-47.

Lexi Veitch was a double winner for Ft. Plain/Oppenheim-Ephratah/St. Johnsville, while Leah Vanderhorst picked up victories in the triple jump and 400-meter intermediate hurdles for Galway.

Nate Florian and Tyler Brado were double winners for the Ft. Plain/Oppenheim-Ephratah/St. Johnsville boys.

Florian swept the shot put and discus, while Brado topped the field in the high jump and triple jump.

Tim Webb-Horvath and Ryan Ingle posted two individual victories apiece for the Golden Eagles.

Webb-Horvath won the 110-meter high hurdles and the 800-meter run, while Ingle won the 400-meter intermediate hurdles and the pole vault.


Fort Plain/Oppenheim-Ephratah/St. Johnsville 73, Galway 68

3200 relay: Ft. Plain/Oppenheim-Ephratah/St. Johnsville (Richardson, Veitch, Cechnicki, Munson), 11:46.1.

100HH: Cheyenne Munson (FPOESJ), 18.8.

100: Michaela Stockwell (FPOESJ), 13.0.

1600: Lexi Veitch (FPOESJ), 5:53.

400 relay: Ft. Plain/Oppenheim-Ephratah/St. Johnsville (Abrams, Behan, Stockwell, Brundage), 11:46.1.

400: Emily Abrams (FPOESJ), 68.5.

400IH: Leah Vanderhorst (G), 1:18.4.

800: Lexi Veitch (FPOESJ), 2:46.4.

200: Addie Brundage (FPOESJ), 29.8.

3200: Eliza Cechnicki (FPOESJ), 12:44.6.

1600 relay: Ft. Plain/Oppenheim-Ephratah/St. Johnsville (Abrams, Stockwell, Fitzpatrick, Brundage), 4:46.6.

Shot put: Aila Bishop (G), 23-02.

Discus: Quinn Jones (FPOESJ), 65-05.

Long jump: Natalie Zembsch (G), 12-04.

Triple jump: Leah Vanderhorst (G), 30-08.

High jump: Kim LaCerais (G), 4-04.

Pole vault: Grace Montaque (G), 6-06.


Galway 93,

Fort Plain/Oppenheim-Ephratah/St. Johnsville 47

3200 relay: Galway (Decker, Ingle, Mathews, Colino), 9:34.

110 HH: Tim Webb-Horvath (G), 20.2.

100: Jake Restivo (G), 10.6.

1600: Eric Mathews (G), 5:12.7.

400 relay: Galway (Mansinie, Restivo, Diaz, Mothon), 47.8.

400: Emmanuel Diaz (G), 55.6.

400 IH: Ryan Ingle (G), 1:15.2.

800: Holden Decker (G), 2:23.8.

200: Tim Webb-Horvath (G), 24.9.

3200: Manuel Colino Para (G), 12:27.3.

1600 relay: Galway (Ingle, Decker, Diaz, Sherman), 3:54.7.

Shot put: Nate Florian (FPOESJ), 37-02.

Discus: Nate Florian (FPOESJ), 117-06.

Long jump: Jake Restivo (G), 20-06 1/2.

Triple jump: Tyler Brado (FPOESJ), 39-07.

High jump: Tyler Brado (FPOESJ), 5-10.

Pole vault: Ryan Ingle (G), 9-06.

Castelluccio, Hartlieb shine in league meet

CANAJOHARIE — Fonda-Fultonville’s Brittany Castelluccio won four individual events and Canajoharie’s Michael Hartlieb established a new school record in the discus at Tuesday’s league meet.

Hartlieb won the discus with his record-setting toss of 158-04.

He was joined by Kevin Mazzarella, Andrew Yacobucci and Andrew Towse who all were double individual winners.

Mazzarella won the 100- and 200-meter dashes while Towse won the 110 high hurdles and 400-meter intermediate hurdles and Yacobucci won the 800-meter run and the high jump.

Castelluccio won the 100- and 100-meter dashes as well as the long and triple jumps in the Lady Braves team win. Katie Dunham won the 1,500 and 3,000 meter runs for Fonda-Fultonville.


Fonda-Fultonville 97, Canajoharie 42

100: Brittany Castelluccio (FF), 13.0.

200: Brittany Castelluccio (FF), 27.7.

400: Avery Cook (FF), 68.1.

800: Mariah VanAvery (FF), 2:51.4.

1500: Katie Dunham (FF), 5:39.6.

3000: Katie Dunham (FF), 13:13.9.

100HH: Emma Rhodes (FF), 16.4.

400IH: Sydney Weingart (C), 1:17.5.

400 relay: Fonda-Fultonville (Shirley, Duval, Williams, Rhodes), 55.0.

1600 relay: Fonda-Fultonville (VanAvery, Rhodes, Davidson, Gray), 4:52.7.

3200 relay: Fonda-Fultonville (Hesch, Gray, VanAvery, Cook), 11:27.8.

Long jump: Brittany Castelluccio (FF), 16-04.

Triple jump: Brittany Castelluccio (FF), 32-10.

Pole vault: Ryleigh Hesch (FF), 7-06.

High jump: Meghan Dingman (C), 4-06.

Shot put: Sierra Grant (FF), 26-06.5.

Discus: Sierra Hill (C), 72-08.


Canajoharie 92.66, Fonda-Fultonville 48.33

100: Kevin Mazzarella (C) 11.5.

200: Kevin Mazzarella (C), 24.1.

400: Aaron Rodriguez (FF), 56.1.

800: Andrew Yacobucci (C), 2:15.

1600: Aidan Zenzen (FF), 5:14.5.

3200: Clane Newcomer (FF), 11:50.

110HH: Andrew Towse (C), 16.2.

400IH: Andrew Towse (C), 64.5.

400 relay: Canajoharie (Mazzarella, Vasquez, Nare, Sydow), 49.0.

1600 relay: Canajoharie (Arduini, Rorah, Congdon, Yacobucci), 4:02.2.

3200 relay: Canajoharie (Arduini, Hand, Congdon, Yacobucci), 9:27.9.

Long jump: Aaron Rodriguez (FF), 17-07 1/2.

Triple jump: Marcus Johnson (C), 34-03.

Pole vault: Anthony Gatto (FF), 9-06.

High jump: Andrew Yacobucci (C), 5-06.

Shot put: John O’Connor (C), 44-05.

Discus: Michael Hartlieb (C), 158-04.

Mayfield-Northville sweeps WAC meet

GLOVERSVILLE — Madison Relyea, Hannah Coupas, Carter Ivancic, Josh Febbie, Evan Lehr and Daniel Leach all posted two individual victories apiece as Mayfield-Northville overpowered Bishop Maginn Tuesday at Park Terrace Elementary School.

Relyea won the 1,500 and 3,000 meter runs, while Coupas took top honors in the shot put and 400 meters.

Lehr won the high jump and triple jumps, while Ivancic was first to the line in the 100 and 200 meter dashes. Febbie topped the field in the 1,600 and 3,200 meter runs and Leach won the 400-meter dash and the long jump.


Mayfield-Northville 110, Bishop Maginn 8

3200 relay: Mayfield-Northville (Relyea, Hadland, Barker, Lambo), 12:41.6.

100HH: Emily Frasier (MN), 21.3.

100: Isabelle Henderson (MN), 14.2.

1500: Madison Relyea (MN), 5:24.6.

400 relay: Mayfield-Northville (Jarrett, Kent, Henderson, Knecht), 1:00.8.

400: Hannah Coupas (MN), 1:09.8.

400IH: Emily Frasier (MN), 1:44.09.

800: Christine Cetelan (BM), 2:57.7.

200: Isabelle Henderson (MN), 31.9.

3000: Madison Relyea (MN), 11:37.7.

1600 relay: Mayfield-Northville (Coupas, Myers, Relyea, Knecht), 4:54.1.

Long jump: Mikayla Myers (MN), 14-01.

Triple jump: Bri Bace (MN), 25-07.

High jump: Mikayla Myers (MN), 4-06.

Shot put: Hannah Coupas (MN), 28-01.

Pole vault: not contested.

Discus: not contested.


Mayfield-Northville 123, Bishop Maginn 2

3200 relay: Mayfield-Northville (Harper, Bumpus, Newkirk, Febbie), 10:31.7.

110HH: Nick Angelo (MN), 22.60.

100: Carter Ivancic (MN), 11.9.

1600: Josh Febbie (MN), 5:17.3.

400 relay: Mayfield-Northville (Dickey, Angelo, Evens, Ivancic), 51.7.

400: Daniel Leach (MN), 59.6.

400IH: Tyler Newkirk (MN), 1;13.6.

800: Harrison Harper (MN), 2:25.8.

200: Carter Ivancic (MN), 26.3.

3200: Josh Febbie (MN), 12:02.1.

1600 relay: Mayfield-Northville (Harper, Bumpus, Leach, Lehr), 4:39.2.

Long jump: Daniel Leach (MN), 16-11 1/2.

Triple jump: Evan Lehr (MN), 36-07 1/2.

High jump: Evan Lehr (MN), 5-06.

Pole vault: Dylan Bumpus (MN), 9-09.

Shot put: Tyler Capobianco (MN), 25-04.

Discus: not contested.

By Paul Wager

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