Area riders post victories at Royal

CAROGA LAKE — Johnstown’s Casey Battisti led a pack of five local riders posting victories during STR/Monster Energy Drink Supercross competition Wednesday night at Royal Mountain Ski Center.

Battisti took home top honors in the 122-250 Amateur and 122-Open Amateur divisions, while Johnstown Maxx Miller topped the field in the 50cc Pee Wee Junior class for 4-to-6 year olds. Johnstown’s Todd Cleveland picked up the victory in the Plus 30 Expert division, while Gloversville’s Dennis Fitzpatrick won the Plus 40 Amateur class and Shane Graham of Gloversville was victorious in the 12-inch Pit Bike class.

Johnstown’s Bennett Melita took home second in the Junior Mini and Mini 60 divisions and placed third in the Mini 80 divisions, while Fonda’s Tyler Blowers was runner-up in the 122-Open Novice division and fourth in the 122-250 Novice class.

Gloversville’s Salvatore Attigiato placed second in the 122-250 Amateur division, while Josh Deuel of Broadalbin was second in the Quad Amateur division and Fonda’s Skyler Olmstead was runner-up in the Quad School division.

Johnstown’s Hayden Zelich placed third in the Mini 80 class and was fourth in Open Mini, while Fonda’s Carter Petersen placed third in Open Mini and was fifth in the 122-125 2-stroke only division.

Johnstown’s Michael Ward placed third in the Plus 30 Expert class and Colby Watras of Broadalbin was third in the Quad Am.

Turning in fourth-place finishes on the night were Gloversville’s Evan Darling (50cc Pee Wee Jr.), St. Johnsville’s Chris Hill (50cc Pee Wee Sr.), Fonda’s Tim Wilmot (Mini 60), Gloversville’s Jason Hughes (Plus 30 Am), Broadalbin’s Anthony Covey (Quad Schoolboy) and Gloversville’s Ryan Whitehouse (Schoolboy 86-250).

Dolgeville’s Jim George placed fifth in the Mini 60 division, while Fonda’s Charles Rose was fifth in Mini 80, Johnstown’s Ian Cary placed fifth in Mini 80, Chad Stumpf of Caroga Lake was fifth in Plus 30 Am, Courtney Trombley placed fifth in Quad Schoolboy and Johnstown’s Brandon Handy was fifth in Schoolboy 85-250.

Johnstown’s Brandon Groves, Broadalbin’s Jordan Ryle, Fultonville’s Matthew Cary and Broadalbin-s Austin Becker finished second through fifth respectively behind Graham in the Pit Bike class.

STR/Monster Energy Drink Supercross competition will return to the track next Wednesday night with sign-ins ending at 7 p.m. immediately followed by practice and the first motos for each class.

STR/Monster Energy Drink Supercross

July 19 at Royal Mountain

122-125 2-stroke only: 1. Cayden Pope (Mohawk), 2. Kenneth Deridder (Middle Grove), 3. Kaden Ozog (Poland, 4. Nicholas Servidone (Castleton on the Hudson), 5. Carter Petersen (Fonda).

122-250 Am: 1. Casey Battisti (Johnstown), 2. Salvatore Attigiato (Gloversville), 3. Carter Gibbons (Scotia), 4. Dylan Larsen (Little Falls), 5. Kieran Doherty (Cairo).

122-250 Ex: 1. Daniel Netti (Herkimer), 2. Kevin Uebrick (Ganesvoort), 3. Joshua Lambert (Saugerties), 4. Travis Sisson (Westerlo).

122-250 Nov: 1. Bryce Mussen (Burnt Hills), 2. Parker Chase (Preston Hollow), 3. Isaac Church (Greenville), 4. Tyler Blowers (Fonda), 5. Ryan Valenti (Troy).

122-Open Am: 1. Casey Battisti (Johnstown), 2. Carter Gibbons (Scotia), 3. Brandon Aldrich (Sauquoit), 4. Kieran Doherty (Cairo).

122-Open Ex: 1. Kevin Uebrick (Gansevoort), 2. Daniel Netti (Herkimer), 3. Joshua Lambert (Saugerties), 4. Brian Falzo (Johnsonville), 5. Troy Weakley (Cold Brook).

122-Open Nov: 1. Bryce Mussen (Burnt Hills), 2. Tyler Blowers (Fonda), 3. Parker Chase (Preston Hollow), 4. Isaac Church (Greenville), 5. Carman Casolo (South Glens Falls).

50cc Pee Wee Jr. (4-6): 1. Triton Hofelich (East Berne), 2. Xzavier Halse (Cropseyville), 3. Colt Kimball (Chadwicks), 4. Evan Darling (Gloversville).

50cc Pee Wee Sr. (7-8): 1. Maxx Miller (Johnstown), 2. Brady Rodecker (Scotia), 3. Chloe Sprague (Glens Falls), 4. Chris Hill (St. Johnsville).

Jr. Mini 59-85cc (9-11): 1. Gavin Betts (Clifton Park), 2. Bennett Melita (Johnstown), 3. Blake Shaver (Westerlo), 4. Brennan Rodecker (Scotia), 5. Trevor Stempel (Berne), 6. Calvin Dopp (Amsterdam), 7. Matheu Dettenrieder (Tribes Hill).

Mini 60 (7-11): 1. Gavin Betts (Clifton Park), 2. Bennett Melita (Johnstown), 3. Trevor Stempel (Berne), 4. Timothy Wilmot (Fonda), 5. Jim George (Dolgeville), 6. Robert Sprague (Glens Falls), 7. Cayden Cary (Fultonville), 8. Brennan Rodecker (Scotia), 9. Brydon Broe (Queensbury).

Mini 80 (12-15): 1. Kaden Ozog (Poland), 2. Joe Edwards (Cobleskill), 3. Hayden Zelich (Johnstown), 4. Deegan Thrasher (Holland Point), 5. Charles Rose (Fonda), 6. Brett Unser (Scotia), 7. Nicholas Telfer (Gloversville), 8. Eric Warner (Morrisville), 9. Hunter Hickey (St. Johnsville), 10. Matthew Brooks (Barneveld), 11. Ryley Cary (Fultonville), 12. Devin Buyce (Gloversville).

Mini 80 (9-11): 1. Blake Shaver (Westerlo), 2. Trevor Stempel (Berne), 3. Bennett Melita (Johnstown), 4. Matheu Dettenrieder (Tribes Hill), 5. Ian Cary (Johnstown).

Mini Quad 50cc: 1. Madeliene Rose (Delanson), 2. Blake Conroy (Saratoga Springs).

Mini Quad 51-90cc: 1. Cody Milanese (Ballston Spa), 2. Alissa Duncan (East Berne), 3. Rian Hynes (Esperance).

Open Mini (10-16): 1. Isaac Lawyer (Saratoga Springs), 2. Joe Edwards (Cobleskill), 3. Carter Petersen (Fonda), 4. Hayden Zelich (Johnstown), 5. Deegan Thrasher (Holland Point), 6. Devin Buyce (Gloversville).

Pit Bike (12”): 1. Shane Graham (Gloversville), 2. Brandon Groves (Johnstown), 3. Jordan Ryle (Broadalbin), 4. Matthew Cary (Fultonville), 5.Austin Becker (Broadalbin), 6. Danny Radtke (Latham).

Plus 30 Am: 1. Ian Hofelich (East Berne), 2. Mike Baker (Pattersonville), 3. Joe Falzo (Brunswick), 4. Jason Hughes (Gloverville), 5. Chad Stumpf (Caroga Lake).

Plus 30 Ex: 1. Todd Cleveland (Johnstown), 2. Michael Ching (Utica), 3. Michael Ward (Johnstown).

Plus 40 Am: (B/C): 1. Dennis Fitzpatrick (Gloversville).

Quad Am: 1. Peter Miller (Troy), 2. Josh Deuel (Broadalbin), 3. Colby Watras (Broadalbin), 4. Daniel Wetsell (Central Bridge).

Quad Ex: 1. Ryan Pyle (Baldwinsville), 2. Travis Recore (Malone).

Quad Nov: 1. Connor Cross (Queensbury), 2. Scott Salls (Victory Mills), 3. Aydan Warmingham (Poland).

Quad Schoolboy: 1. Mason St. John-Lemery (Queensbury), 2. Skyler Olmstead (Fonda), 3. Duncan Whitmore (Queensbury), 4. Anthony Covey (Broadalbin), 5. Courtney Trombley (Amsterdam).

Schoolboy 86-250 (12-16): 1. Cayden Pope (Mohawk), 2. Isaac Lawyer (Saratoga Springs), 3. Scott Hughes (Edmeston), 4. Ryan Whitehouse (Gloversville), 5. Brandon Handy (Johnstown), 6. Kenneth Deridder (Middle Grove).

By Paul Wager

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