Battisti posts two wins at Royal

Isaac Church (321), Shane Copp (605) and Tyler Blowers (17) race at the front of the pack in a 122-open novice moto during STR/Monster Energy Motocross competition Sunday at Royal Mountain Ski Area in Caroga Lake. (The Leader-Herald/Paul Wager)

CAROGA LAKE — Johnstown’s Casey Battisti picked up a pair of victories and a second-place finish to lead the local riders at the final Central New York Motocross Racers Association event of the season that drew 334 riders to Royal Mountain Ski Area on Sunday.

Battisti topped the podium in the 122-250cc Amateur and collegeboy 17-24-year-old classes and was runner-up in the 122-open amateur division.

Local riders joining Battisti with victories Sunday were Fonda’s Tyler Blowers and Johnstown’s Maxx Miller.

Blowers topped the field in the 122-open novice division, while Miller took top honors in the 51cc pee wee senior division for 7-8-year-olds.

Johnstown’s Bennett Melita and Todd Cleveland both posted a pair of second-place finishes on the day.

Melita was second in the 59-65cc two-stroke class for 10-11-year-olds and the junior mini 59-85cc two-stroke 9-to-11-year-old division.

Cleveland was runner-up in the plus-40 and plus-45 expert classes.

Also having second-place runs were Gloversville’s Salvatore Attigiato (122-250 amateur) and Fonda’s Skyler Olmstead (quad schoolboy 12-16).

Carter Petersen of Fonda placed third in the open mini 10-16-year-old division and was fifth in the schoolboy 86-250cc and the 122-125 two-stroke only classes.

Amsterdam’s Matthew Hirschfeld placed third in the quad amateur division, while Courtney Trombley was fifth in quad schoolboy.

Hayden Zelich, Kip Simonds and Michael Ward, all of Johnstown, all earned fifth- place finishes.

Zelich was fifth in the79-85cc two-stroke division, while Simonds placed fifth in the 51cc pee wee junior division for 4-6-year-olds. Ward was fifth in the plus-45 expert division.

Clifton Park’s Gavin Betts was a double winner in the junior mini 59-85cc two-stroke and 59-65cc two-stroke divisions.

Brett Burns of Ballston Spa took top honors in the 122-250cc novice and open mini divisions, while Blake Patrick of Troy won the 51cc oil injected and 51cc Pee Wee Jr. classes for 4-6-year-olds.

Scott Phelps of Petersburg won the plus-40 and plus-45 expert divisions, while Hunter Hankle won the 122-250 and 122-open expert classes.

STR/Monster Energy Drink

CNYMRA Motocross

Royal Mountain Aug. 20, 2017

122-125 2-stroke only: 1. Kenny DeRidder (Middle Grove); 2. Mark Geier (Norwich); 3. Nick Niles (Gansevoort; 4. Ashton Kreiger (West Sand Lake); 5. Carter Petersen (Fonda).

122-250cc Amateur: 1. Casey Battisti (Johnstown); 2. Salvatore Attigiato (Gloversville); 3. Tyler Bigford (Sherburne); 4. Nick Niles (Gansevoort); 5. Aeden O’Connor (Richmondville).

122-250cc Expert: 1. Hunter Hankle (Nassau); 2. Pete Schachtler (Waterville).

122-250cc Novice: 1. Brett Burns (Ballston Spa); 2. Isaac Church (Greenville); 3. Ryan Valenti (Troy); 4. Cody Kramer (Binghamton); 5. Skyler Shute (Lafayette).

122-Open Amateur: 1. Tyler Bigford (Sherburne); 2. Casey Battisti (Johnstown); 3. Michael Tuttle (Whitesboro); 4. Austin Natta (Hadley); 5. Michael Sypolt (Poland).

122-Open Expert: 1. Hunter Hankle (Nassau); 2. Joseph Vitetta (East Berne); 3. Tyler Hayes (Whitehall); 4. Greg Cleveland (Schoharie); 5. Brian Falzo (Johnsonville).

122-Open Novice: 1. Tyler Blowers (Fonda); 2. Isaac Church (Greenville); 3. Ryan Valenti (Troy); 4. Brandon Young (Gansevoort); 5. Ashton Kreiger (West Sand Lake).

51cc Oil Injected (4-8): 1. Blake Patrick (Troy); 2. Xzavier Halse (Cropseyville); 3. Triton Hofelich (East Berne); 4. Kaden McAffrey (Schaghticoke); 5. Makenna Ashe (Troy).

51cc Pee Wee Jr. (4-6): 1. Blake Patrick (Troy); 2. Triton Hofelich (East Berne); 3. Hunter Warren (Baldwinsville); 4. Xzavier Halse (Cropseyville); 5. Kip Simonds (Johnstown).

51cc Pee Wee Sr. (7-8): 1. Maxx Miller (Johnstown); 2. Brady Rodecker (Scotia); 3. Tyler Kramer (Binghamton); 4. Gavin Zinger (Burlington Flats); 5. Zack Konwisarz (Pattersonville).

59-65cc 2-stroke (10-11): 1. Gavin Betts (Clifton Park); 2. Bennett Melita (Johnstown); 3. Brennan Rodecker (Scotia).

59-65cc 2-stroke (7-9): 1. Jimmy Argus (Lafayette); 2. Benjamin Franco (Yorktown Heights); 3. Brydon Broe (Queensbury); 4. Tyler Kramer (Binghamton); 5. Caleb Zinger (Burlington Flats).

79-85cc 2-stroke (12-15): 1. Joey Argus (Lafayette); 2. Kaden Ozog (Poland); 3. Evan Miller (Warrensburg); 4. Joe Edwards (Cobleskill); 5. Hayden Zelich (Johnstown).

85cc Beginner: 1. 1. Ryan Shute (Lafayette); 2. Isabella Cittadino (Liverpool); 3. Savannah Shute (Lafayette); 4. Emme Flint (Baldwinsville).

College Boy (17-24): 1. Casey Battisti (Johnstown); 2. Michael Sypolt (Poland); 3. Isaac Church (Greenville); 4. Troy Weakley (Cold Brook); 5. Austin Natta (Hadley).

Jr. Mini 59-85cc 2-stroke (9-11): 1. Gavin Betts (Clifton Park); 2. Bennett Melita (Johnstown); 3. James O’Neil (East Berne); 4. Brennan Rodecker (Scotia); 5. Jimmy Argus (Lafayette).

Mini Quad 50cc Pro: 1. Nolan Roper (Burlington Flats); 2. Kaiden Forrester (Waterville); 3. William Myers (Boonville); 4. Madeliene Rose (Delanson).

Mini Quad 51-90cc Pro: 1. Cody Milanese (Ballston Spa); 2. Kaylee Ross (Willett); 3. Nathaniel Kadlic (Cobleskill); 4. Rian Hynes (Esperance); Alissa Duncan (East Berne).

Open Mini (10-16): 1. Brett Burns (Ballston Spa); 2. Joey Argus (Lafayette); 3. Carter Petersen (Fonda); 4. Trent Lafarr (Gansevoort); 5. Chad Forstell (Scotia).

Plus 25 Am (B/C): 1. Ryan Rose (Gansevoort); 2. Michael Tuttle (Whitesboro); 3. Jake Oswald (Troy); 4. Ian Hofelich (East Berne); 5. Evan Rosko (Schaghticoke).

Plus 25 Expert: 1. Joseph Vitetta (East Berne); 2. Tyler Hayes (Whitehall); 3. Mitch Dougherty (Whitesboro); 4. Brian Falzo (Johnsonville).

Plus 25 Quad: 1. David Kowell (Syracuse); 2. Jason Holbert (Burlington Flats).

Plus 30 Am: 1. Andrew Tripple (West Winfield); 2. Ian Hofelich (East Berne); 3. Matt Ruby (Chenango Forks); 4. Joshua Flach (Ravena); 5. Jeremy Riel (Schaghticoke).

Plus 30 Expert: 1. Mitch Dougherty (Whitesboro); 2. Grant Gasstrom (Ilion).

Plus 30 Novice: 1. Scott Kramer (Binghamton); 2. Mike Puglese (Cassville); 3. Josh Wayman (Otego); 4. Chad Hartman (Clayville); 5. Jonathon Coons (Middleburgh).

Plus 40 Am (B/C): 1. Robert Monticup (Troy); 2. David Hurlburt (Oneonta); 3. Jeremy Riel (Schaghticoke); 4. Tom Hogan (Stratford); 5. Richard Pooters (Earlton).

Plus 40 Expert: 1. Scott Phelps (Petersburg); 2. Todd Cleveland (Johnstown); 3. Grant Gasstrom (Ilion); 4. Paul Cornell (Glenford); 5. Henry Mormile (Greenville).

Plus 45 Am (B/C): 1. Scott Lansing (Malta); 2. Don Clarke (Newark); 3. Robert Monticup (Troy); 4. David Hurlburt (Oneonta); 5. Matt Avery (Windsor).

Plus 45 Expert: 1. Scott Phelps (Petersburg); 2. Todd Cleveland (Johnstown); 3. Paul Cornell (Glenford); 4. Henry Mormile (Greenville); 5. Michael Ward (Johnstown).

Plus 50: 1. Mike Murray (Holland Patent); 2. Paul Zelinsky (Lewis); 3. Jim Croft (Hartwick); 4. Robert Laduke (Selkirk); 5. Darrow Maille (Queensbury).

Quad Amateur: 1. Stephen Large Jr. (Castleton); 2. Peter Miller (Troy); 3. Matthew Hirschfeld (Amsterdam); 4. Gavin Fleury (Ticonderoga); 5. Darrich Maille (Queensbury).

Quad Expert: 1. Chad Yarter (Camillus); 2. Jeremiah Birdsall (Edmeston); 3. David Kowell (Syracuse); 4. Tyler Jarvis (Queensbury); 5. Ryan Frasier (Little Falls).

Quad Novice: 1. Connor Cross (Queensbury); 2. Brandon Avery (Windsor); 3. William Shafer III (East Worcester); 4. Scott Salls (Victory Falls); 5. Billy Miskall (Schnevus).

Quad Schoolboy (12-16): 1. Mason St. John-Lemery (Queensbury); 2. Skyler Olmstead (Fonda); 3. Wyndam Spooner (Maryland); 4. Duncan Whitmore (Queensbury); 5. Courtney Trombley (Amsterdam).

Schoolboy 86-250cc (12-16): 1. Nick Niles (Gansevoort); 2. Kenneth DeRidder (Middle Grove); 3. Cayden Pope (Mohawk); 4. Aeden O’Connor (Richmondville); 5. Carter Petersen (Fonda).

Women 86-250cc: 1. Britney St. Gelais (Schaghticoke); 2. Erica Hamilton (Hannacroix); 3. Maranda Welch (Wells); 4. Jackie Bedrosian (Clifton Park); 5. Kelly Myers (Boonville).

By Paul Wager

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