H.S. Bowling Roundup: Sir Bills roll past Patriots

JOHNSTOWN — Andy Sitterly posted a high game of 279 on his way to a 709 series to lead Johnstown to a 4-0 victory over Broadalbin-Perth in a Foothills Council bowling match at Perry Lanes on Wednesday.

Hunter Meher had a 246-699 for the Sir Bills, while Matt Salamack added a 230-642. Ethan Hadcock added a 248-634 for Johnstown, which finished with a 3,664-2,803 advantage in total pins.

Zach Rinehart paced Broadalbin-Perth with a 214-587, while Mike Piska had a 182-479. Kobi Mason added a 162-425 for the Patriots.

Amsterdam 4, Gloversville 0

AMSTERDAM — Nate Grant posted a 256-718 to lead Amsterdam to a Foothills Council victory over Gloversville at Imperial Lanes.

Mike Hughes rolled a 278-698 for the Rams, while Jon Schultz had a 227-623. Nic Carbone rolled a 290 game for Amsterdam and Jake Preville added a 235 game.

Adam Loveless led Gloversville with a 245-640, while Derek Taylor posted a 221-621. Mark Sgambato had a high game of 256 for the Huskies, while Aiden Carter added a 227. A.J. Dorman added a 226 game for Gloversville and Lane Daley posted a 206 high game.

Amsterdam finished with a 3,785-3,599 advantage in total pins.


Canajoharie 4, Mayfield 0

CANAJOHARIE — Brandon Hazzard had a 203-573 to lead Canajoharie to a Western Athletic Conference victory over Mayfield at Iroquois Lanes.

Brandon King posted a 184-537 for the Cougars, Cian DiMezza posted a 205-533 and Braedy Sickler added a 192-511.

Gio Angelo led Mayfield with a 232-566, while Adam Colby rolled a 201-540.

Canajoharie finished with a 2,616-2,215 advantage in total pins.

Schoharie 4, Fonda-Fultonville 0

AMSTERDAM — Perry Lawyer rolled a 254-624 to lead Schoharie to a WAC victory over Fonda-Fultonville at Imperial Lanes.

Louis Hardendorf had a 200-562 for the Indians, who finished with a 2,657-2,338 advantage in total pins.

Ethan Auspelmyer rolled a 232-586 to lead Fonda-Fultonville, while Dylan Livingston added a 213-564.

Middleburgh 4, Oppenheim-Ephratah/St. Johnsville 0

MIDDLEBURGH — Andrew Miaski rolled games of 242 and 242 on his way to a 681 series to lead Middleburgh to a WAC victory over Oppenheim-Ephratah/St. Johnsville at Middleburgh Lanes.

Kevin Guest posted a 254-675 for the Knights, while Donovan Mann had a 224-631. Garrett Dupont added a 226-579 for Middleburgh, which finished with a 3,159-1,854 advantage in total pins.

Brandon Fredericks led OESJ with a 146-402.

Fort Plain 3, Duanesburg 1

GUILDERLAND — Brady Fureno rolled a 235-619 to lead Fort Plain to a WAC victory over Duanesburg at Town N Country Lanes.

Anthony Paradiso posted a 200-530 for the Hilltoppers, who finished with a 2,642-2,572 advantage in total pins.

Austin Kellerman led Duanesburg with a 203-537, while Eland Colon added a 202-534.



Mayfield 3, Canajoharie 1

CANAJOHARIE — Megan Dion finished with a a 191-510 to lead Mayfield to a Western Athletic Conference victory over Canajoharie at Iroquois Lanes.

Danielle Skellie had a 148-346 for the Lady Panthers, while Savannah Pierce added a 113-318.

Chloe Hoffman had a 162-449 to lead Canajoharie, while Melissa Bates had a 163-421.

Mayfield finished with a 1,696-1,693 advantage in total pins.

Fonda-Fultonville 2, Schoharie 2

AMSTERDAM — Aubrey Krohn finished with a 154-403 to help Fonda-Fultonville to a tie with Schoharie in a WAC match at Imperial Lanes.

Nicole Rowe posted a 146-358 for the Lady Braves, while Crystal Coleman added a 134-344.

Mandi-Jaye Williams posted a 135-382 to lead Schoharie, while Emily Dahlin added a 148-374.

Schoharie finished with a 1,750-1,633 advantage in total pins.

Duanesburg 4, Fort Plain 0

GUILDERLAND — Bethany Baza rolled a high game of 196 and a 548 series to lead Duanesburg to a WAC victory over Fort Plain at Town N Country Lanes.

Kylie Largeteau had a 184-504 for the Eagles, who finished with a 1,880-1,759 advantage in total pins.

Gabriella Jenks led Fort Plain with a 153-16, while Emma Oldick added a 145-381.

Middleburgh 4, Oppenheim-Ephratah/St. Johnsville 0

MIDDLEBURGH — Carolyne Schultes rolled a 233-606 to lead Middleburgh to a WAC victory over Oppenheim-Ephratah/St. Johnsville at Middleburgh Lanes.

Jaidyn Rose posted a 184-483 for the Knights, Krystal Nizeul had a 174-477 and Cameryn Shultes added a 164-433.

Sarah Carl led OESJ with a 170-372.

Schoharie finished with a 2,360-1,352 advantage in total pins.

By Paul Wager

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