Miles leads local Foothills swim all-stars


Several area girls swimmers were among those named to the Foothills Council girls swimming and diving all-star team.

Fonda-Johnstown’s Emily Miles was named to the first team in the 100-yard freestyle and the second team in the 100-yard breaststroke.

Miles also was part of Fo-Jo’s 400 freestyle relay team that was named to the second team, along with Abigail Rizzo, Emma Rizzo and Sophia Frenyea.

Miles also was part of the honorable mention 200 medley relay team, along with Emma Rizzo, Angelina Atwood and Frenyea.

Gloversville-Mayfield’s Isabelle Willis was named honorable mention in the 500 freestyle.

Queensbury’s Willow Swan-Scott was named to the first-team in the 100 breaststroke and 100 butterfly, while Glens Falls’ Kailyn Anselment was named first team in the 200 freestyle and 500 freestyle.

Rounding out the first-team selections were Queensbury’s Natalie Giumarra (200 individual medley), Glens Falls’ Ella Wolfstich (50 freestyle), Queensbury’s Megan Cook (1-meter diving) and Glens Falls’ Emma Mauro (100 breaststroke).

Glens Falls named to the first team in the 200 medley and 200 freestyle relays, while Queensbury was named first team in the 400 freestyle relay.

Wolfstich also was named to the second team in the 100 freestyle, while Mauro was named to the second team in the 50 freestyle. Giumarra was named honorable mention in the 100 breaststroke.

Queensbury had Anna Bearor (200 freestyle), Genevieve Coutant (200 individual medley), Lauren White (1-meter diving), Brooke Edwards (100 butterfly) and Allie Johnston (100 backstroke) named second-team all-stars.

Glens Falls’ Rowan Davidson (400 freestyle) also was named a second-team all-star, along with Queensbury’s 200 medley and 200 freestyle relays.

Edwards also was named honorable mention in the 50 freestyle, while Bearor was named honorable mention in the 100 breaststroke.

Also earning honorable-mention status were Glens Falls’ Reagan Rath (200 freestyle), Glens Falls’ Ahya Heyman (200 individual medley), Glens Falls’ Sarah Blow (1-meter diving), Queensbury’s Angela Troisi (100 butterfly) and Queenbury’s Kayla Keddy (100 backstroke).

Hudson Falls-South Glens Falls was named honorable mention in the 200 freestyle relay, while Glens Falls was named honorable mention in the 400 freestyle relay.

2017 Girls Foothills Swimming/Diving All-Stars

First Team

200 Medley Relay: Glens Falls (Madison Maier, Emma Mauro, Kailyn Anselment, Ella Wolfstich), 1:55.08

200 Freestyle: Kailyn Anselment (GF), 1:58.85

200 Individual Medley: Natalie Giumarra (Q), 2:24.04

50 Freestyle: Ella Wolfstich (GF), 25.53

Diving: Megan Cook (Q), 528.40

100 Butterfly: Willow Swan-Scott (Q), 1:01.73

100 Freestyle: Emily Miles (Fo-Jo), 54.58

500 Freestyle: Kailyn Anselment (GF), 5:18.90

200 Freestyle Relay: Glens Falls (Emma Mauro, Madison Maier, Kailyn Anselment, Ella Wolfstich), 1:44.07

100 Backstroke: Willow Swan-Scott (Q), 1:03.35

100 Breaststroke: Emma Mauro (GF), 1:09.69

400 Freestyle Relay: Queensbury (Megan Geczy, Angela Troisi, Allie Johnson, Anna Bearor), 3:55.78

Second Team

200 Medley Relay: Queensbury (Willow Swan-Scott, Natalie Giumarra, Brooke Edwards, Kayla Keddy), 1:56.17

200 Freestyle: Anna Bearor (Q), 2:04.51

200 Individual Medley: Genevieve Coutant (Q), 2:25.74

50 Freestyle: Emma Mauro (GF), 26.01

Diving: Lauren White (Q), 343.85

100 Butterfly: Brooke Edwards (Q), 1:04.41

100 Freestyle: Ella Wolfstich (GF), 56.20

500 Freestyle: Rowan Davidson (GF), 5:47.69

200 Freestyle Relay: Queensbury (Megan Geczy, Kayla Keddy, Anna Berror, Brooke Edwards), 1:45.50

100 Backstroke: Allie Johnston (Q), 1:04.37

100 Breaststroke: Emily Miles (Fo-Jo), 1:10.73

400 Freestyle Relay: Fonda-Johnstown (Emma Rizzo, Abigail Rizzo, Sophia Frenyea, Emily Miles), 4:04.22

Honorable Mention

200 Medley Relay: Fonda-Johnstown (Emma Rizzo, Emily Miles, Angelina Atwood, Sophia Frenyea), 2:06.95

200 Freestyle: Reagan Rath (GF), 2;09.96

200 Individual Medley: Ahva Heyman (GF), 2:30.25

50 Freestyle: Brooke Edwards (Q), 26.41

Diving: Sarah Blow (GF), 316.80

100 Butterfly: Angela Troisi (Q), 1:08.72

100 Freestyle: Anna Bearor (Q), 57.01

500 Freestyle: Isabelle Willis (G-M), 5:49.05

200 Freestyle Relay: Hudson Falls-South Glens Falls (Kira Seaman, Kiara Dutra, Emily LaBelle, Emily Weaver), 1:59.26

100 Backstroke: Kayla Keddy (Q), 1:04.58

100 Breaststroke: Natalie Giumarra (Q), 1:12.87

400 Freestyle Relay: Glens Falls (Reagan Rath, Rowan Davidson, Sam Lunt, Kacie Wolfstich), 4:08.6

By Paul Wager

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