Pazzaglia attends South American seminar


JOHNSTOWN — Joe Pazzaglia, owner and chief instructor of Pazzaglia’s Kenpo Karate, was recently invited to teach and present at an international seminar in South America.

 This is the second time Pazzaglia has traveled to South America, while there he provided seminars in three different cities.

“It was always a tremendous honor and pleasure to not only teach and present in these cities but to also witness the beautiful landscape and culture,” said Mr. Pazzaglia in a news release.

Pazzaglia has spent the last 15 years traveling and providing seminars throughout the United States, Europe and South America to martial artist, military and law enforcement personnel.

To date, Mr. Pazzaglia has taught in seven countries and most recently was invited to Holland and Argentina.

Pazzaglia is proficient in several areas in the arts, but he is most recognized for his reality-based and extremely efficient and effective streamlined approach to close quarters gun disarm, blunt instrument and knives and combatives.

“Pocket knives are very prevalent in South America and consequently his seminars focused on edged weapons defense. I am always evolvolving and looking for fresh ideas and new methods to improve what we do,” Pazzaglia said in the release. “However, our goal is to leave out all the theatrical Hollywood moves and leave all the participants with something that is tangible, efficient, and effective. There are far to many people out there unfortunately who lack experience, or don’t take the time to don their research and put in the work and field test what they do to ensure its effectiveness.”

Pazzaglia’s approach to training is much like one would find during basic training or at a law enforcement academy.

“Once the participants are provided with a solid foundation, it’s from there we hone and polish,” Pazzaglia said in the release. “There are a lot of reality-based and very intense drills and pressure test during these seminars forwarding all of the participants  with the opportunity to practice and utilize what they have been taught and to see and witness its effectiveness first hand. There is little to no choreography and all freestyle. We only add or remove certain variables and conditions  during the drills.”

Pazzaglia also worked with members of Law Enforcement  and Military personnel from Argentina which resulted in him being invited next year to Argentina to take the training with the law enforcement and military personnel to the next level.

One of the stops was in La Florida South America,which took us to an extremely large tournament hosting competitors from all over South America and surrounding countries.

Pazzaglia, in conjunction with his instructor and mentor Francisco Vigoroux, were asked to be the chief judges overseeing the entire competition hosting well over 1,000 competitors.

“It was a tremendous honor and privilege and I’m extremely grateful to share and meet, work and train in all these beautiful places. When I look back at when I first started training I never thought at the age of 12 the martial arts would ever of take me to this level and present and forwarded me such an opportunities and amazing experiences, it is truly a blessing,” Pazzaglia said in the release. “It hasn’t been easy growing up in a very small community.  I’m convinced none of this would have occurred had I not taken risk, trained hard, competed in tournaments domestically and internationally and stepped out my of my comfort zone, and I encourage others to do the same.”

“On the surface, it would appear as though I made these choices for solely for my own personal growth, when in actuality I always had my school and my stusents in my mind and knowing they would benefit from these experiences as well. I think it says a lot about what we offer at Pazzaglia’s Kenpo Karate,” Pazzaglia said in the release. “I truly believe our curriculum and our program is unique and that is not to say it is easy, however overtime it takes our members to a level of skill that you typically won’t find around anymore. We are always encouraging our students to work hard in and out of our dojo, and although you may struggle never give up. That is an attribute that applies to all aspects of life.”

“Some people will measure quality with quantity we prefer quality over quantity at Pazzaglia’s Kenpo Karate. I am more concerned with our members ability to learn lifesaving skills rather than filling our school with less than adequate martial artist and filling them and their parents with a false since of bravado,” Pazzaglie said in the release. “I am extremely passionate about this and doing otherwise I consider a great dis-service.”

For more information about classes, seminars, demonstrations, etc., visit thePazzaglias Kenpo Karate Facebook page or call (518) 775-0695.

Pazzaglia’s Kenpo Karate now has a new location at 81 Briggs St. in Johnstown. The facility offers a free seven-day guest pass.

By Paul Wager

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