Area riders post top-five finishes at Twister Valley

Mayfield’s Jordan Miller (328) races in the first youth open moto during Sunday’s NEATV event at Twister Valley Sports Complex in Fort Plain. (The Leader-Herald/Paul Wager)

FORT PLAIN — Two Mayfield riders posted top-five finishes in their respective classes during Sunday’s New England ATV Motocross event at Twister Valley Sports Complex.

Mayfield’s Jordan Miller swept both motos to win the women’s open class. She also placed second in the youth open class. Mayfield’s Andrew Ashbey placed fourth in the 450C class.

Gloversville’s Tyler Covey was fifth in the youth open class.

Two riders picked up wins in two separate classes.

Mathieu Atkins of Meriden, Conn., won the 35-plus open and 25 open classes, while Jayden Paciorek of West Hatfield, Mass., won the 450 B and youth open classes.

Several New York riders claimed wins.

That group included Ballston Spa’s Cody Milanese (90 shifter), West Islip’s Chad Ripp (sport), Selden’s Zach Hofer (open B), Vernon Center’s Collin Roberts (open C), Melrose’s Matthew Mitchell (450 C), Richfield Springs’ Cory Mahardy (ATC novice), Ilion’s Greg Huntley (ATC open), Catskill’s Brianna Rossano (50 limited) and Hoosick Falls’ Axton Woodard (70 limited).

Other winners included Nathan Pomerleau of Hudson, N.H. (90 auto), Cody Paolella of Wallingford, Conn. (pro sport), Chris Anderson of Bourne, Mass. (30-plus open), Robert Gifford of Danielson, Conn. (450 A), Ryan Dupont of Canterbury, Conn. (SXS open) and Remi Ouellette of St. Quentin, Quebec (open A).

Riders from New York, Quebec, New Brunswick, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Maine competed in the event.

Twister Valley will wrap up its season Oct. 28 when it hosts a Central New York Motocross Racers Association event.


at Twister Valley Sports Complex

90 Auto: 1. Nathan Pomerleau (Hudson, N.H.), 2. Kayla Wight (Belfast, Maine), 3. Kolten Yancey (Sterling, Conn.), 4. Caleb Colangione (Petersburg)

90 Shifter: 1. Cody Milanese (Ballston Spa), 2. Zachary Dufresne (Valley Falls), 3. Caleb Colangione (Petersburg), 4. Dylan Dewitt (Shelton, Conn.)

Sport: 1. Chad Ripp (West Islip), 2. Donny Huerter (Bethlehem, N.H.), 3. Joey Huerter (Bethlehem, N.H.)

Women’s Open: 1. Jordan Miller (Mayfield), 2. Samantha Morandi (Walpole, Mass.), 3. Lena D’Ambrosio (Litchfield, Conn.)

Pro Sport: 1. Cody Paolella (Wallingford, Conn.), 2. Michael Gauvin (Lameque, N.B.), 3. Jonas Markis-Morrison (Melbourne, Que.), 4. Robert Gifford (Danielson, Conn.), 5. Donnie Lovell (West Warehom, Mass.)

35-plus Open: 1. Mathieu Atkins (Meriden, Conn.), 2. David Choon (Otis, Mass.), 3. Patrick Camacho (Lakeville, Mass.), 4. Frank DiPietro (Stamford, Conn.), 5. Keyd Wilks (East Hartford, Conn.)

30-plus Open: 1. Chris Anderson (Bourne, Mass.), 2. Dennis Sharpe, 3. Mathieu Atkins (Meriden, Conn.), 4. Remi Ouellette (St. Quentin, Que.), 5. Ryan Angelcola (Prospect, Conn.)

450 A: 1. Robert Gifford (Danielson, Conn.), 2. Michael Gauvin (Lameque, N.B.), 3. Donnie Lovell (West Warehom, Mass.), 4. Jona Markis-Morrison (Melbourne, Que.). 5. Austin Desrocher (Plattsburgh)

450 B: 1. Jayden Paciorek (West Hatfield, Mass.), 2. Carson Stoquert (Liverpool), 3. Eddie Trottier (Billerica, Mass.), 4. Tommy Edwards (Selden), 5. Tommy Edwards (Binghamton)

Open A: 1. Remi Ouelllette (St. Quentin, Que.), 2. Tyler Fellows (East Corinth)

25 Open: 1. Matheu Atkins (Meriden, Conn.), 2. Dennis Sharpe, 3. Anthony Pennachia (Mechanicville), 4. Ryan Durante (Rockland, Mass.)

Open B: 1. Zach Hofer (Selden), 2. Scott Henry (Wallkill), 3. David Choon (Otis, Mass.), 4. Eddie Trottier (Billerica, Mass.), 5. Kris Vale (Mineola)

Open C: 1. Collin Roberts (Vernon Center), 2. Clifford Selig (Albany), 3. Matthew Mitchell (Melrose), 4. Adam Potts (Adams, Mass.), 5. Logan Spader (North Kingstown, R.I.)

Youth Open: 1. Jayden Paciorek (West Hatfield, Mass.), 2. Jordan Miller (Mayfield), 3. Donny Huerter (Bethlehem, N.H.), 4. Chad Ripp (West Islip), 5. Tyler Covey (Gloversville)

450 C: 1. Matthew Mitchell (Melrose), 2. Collin Roberts (Vernon Center), 3. Clifford Selig (Albany), 4. Andrew Ashbey (Mayfield)

ATC Novice: 1. Cory Mahardy (Richfield Springs), 2. Kenyon Nott (Wallkill), 3. Melissa Roposo-Huntley (Ilion)

ATC Open: 1. Greg Huntley (Ilion), 2. Ben Webb (Gorham, Maine), 3. Kyle McMickle (Lafayette, N.J.), 4. Mike Shipman (Barton), 5. Andrew Petruzzi (Jefferson, Mass.)

SXS Open: 1. Ryan Dupont (Canterbury, Conn.), 2. Will D’Ambrosio (Litchfield, Conn.), 3. Frank DiPietro Jr. (Stamford, Conn.), 4. Don Huerter

50 Limited: 1. Brianna Rossano (Catskill), 2. Alyssa Pomerlew (Hudson, N.H.), 3, Joe Shipman (Baton), 4. Jordan Wright (Belfast), 5. Gabriella Colangione (Petersburg)

70 Limited: 1. Axton Woodard (Hoosick Falls), 2. Ethan Dufresne (Valley Falls), 3. Kayla Wight (Belfast, Maine), 4. Ethan Gifford (Foster, R.I.), 5. Ethan Pomerlew (Hudson, N.H.)

By Paul Wager

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