Royal Mountain hosts its motocross opener

CAROGA LAKE — A large field of 252 riders was in action during the first day of a two-day Central New York Motocross Racers Association event at Royal Mountain Ski Area on Saturday.

Four area riders were among the winners on the first day of racing at Royal Mountain.

Fonda’s Carter Petersen won the 122-125 two-stroke class and was second in the schoolboy class.

Johnstown’s Maxx Miller won the 65cc two-stroke 7-to-11-year-old class. Miller also was fourth in the junior mini 9-to-11 59-85 two-stroke class.

Fonda’s Skyler Olmstead won the quad schoolboy class.

Johnstown’s Bennett Melita won the senior mini 79-85cc two-stroke 12-to-15-year-old class. He also was fourth in the open mini 10-to-16-year-old class.

Two riders picked up wins in multiple classes Saturday.

Catskill’s Tyler Loud won the 122-250cc expert, 122-open expert and plus-25 expert classes, while Whitney Point’s Trevor David won the 51cc open 4-to-8-year-old and 51cc pee wee senior 7-and-8-year-old classes.

In the quad classes, New Berlin’s Lucas Etzl (mini quad 50cc production), Wallkill’s Colten Gillespie (mini quad 51-90cc production), Burlington Flats’ Jason Holbert (plus-25 quad), Schenevus’ Thomas Snyder (quad amateur), Fulton’s Adam Briggs (quad collegeboy), Edmeston’s Michael Talbot (quad expert) and Melrose’s Matthew Mitchell (quad novice) posted wins.

Other winners included Richmondville’s Aeden O’Connor (122-250cc amateur), Scotia’s Chad Forstell (122-250cc novice), Frankfort’s Nicholas Debernardis (122-open amateur), Saratoga Springs’ Ryan Gillen (122-open novice), Boonville’s Blake Croniser (51cc pee wee junior 4-6), Esperance’s Mark Molesky (collegeboy), Witherbee’s Cooper Allen (junior mini 9-11 59-85 two-stroke), Saratoga Springs’ Scott Nadeau (plus-25 amateur), Brunswick’s Joe Falzo (plus-30 amateur), Berlin’s Michael Lawlor (plus-30 expert), Rotterdam’s Jake Kiefner (plus-40 amateur), Ilion’s Grant Gasstrom (plus-40 expert), Cortland’s Gene Nighman (plus-45 expert), Saratoga Springs’ Edward Nadeau (plus-50), Poland’s Kaden Ozog (schoolboy), Berlin’s Sarah Lawlor (women) and Peter Lawrence of South Hero, Vt., won the plus-45 amateur class.

Several area riders posted top-five finishes.

Fonda’s Tyler Blowers was third in the 122-250cc amateur class and fourth in the 122-open amateur class.

Gloversville’s Anthony Attigliato was second in the 122-250cc novice class

In the 122-125 two-stroke class, Gloversville’s Devin Buyce was fourth and Johnstown’s Hayden Zelich was fifth. Zelich also was fifth in the 122-open novice class, while Johnstown’s JT Vietri was fourth.

In the 51cc pee wee senior 7-and-8-year-old class, Johnstown’s Kip Simons was second and Gloversville’s Evan Darling was fifth.

Johnstown’s Adam Handy was fifth in the 122-open expert class and fourth in the plus-25 expert class.

Pattersonville’s Marc Hartje was second in the open mini 10-to-16-year-old class, while Fonda’s Charles Rose was third.

Gloversville’s Bentley Darling was second in the mini quad 50cc production class, Gloversville’s Salvatore Attigiato was third in the plus-25 amateur class, Gloversville’s Gerald Playford was fourth in the plus-30 amateur class and Gloversville’s Dennis Fitzpatrick was fourth in the plus-50 class.

Johnstown’s Michael Ward was fifth in the plus-40 expert class and third in the plus-45 expert class.

Gloversville’s Tyler Covey was third in the quad schoolboy class and Amsterdam’s Calvin Dopp was fifth in the senior mini 79-85cc two-stroke 12-to-15-year-old class.

Racing is scheduled to continue today. Sign-ups will take place from 7 to 9 a.m., with practice beginning at 8 a.m.

Racing is slated to begin each day at 10 a.m.

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at Royal Mountain Ski Area

Saturday’s Results

122-125 Two-Stroke: 1. Carter Petersen (Fonda), 2. Ryder Abare (Gansevoort), 3. Joshua Grant (Valley Falls), 4. Devin Buyce (Gloversville), 5. Hayden Zelich (Johnstown)

122-250cc Amateur: 1. Aeden O’Connor (Richmondville), 2. Ryan Conte (New Hartford), 3. Tyler Blowers (Fonda), 4. Austin Natta (Hadley), 5. Erin Demers (Troy)

122-250cc Expert: 1. Tyler Loud (Catskill), 2. Mark Molesky (Esperance), 3. Floyd Saville (Hudson Falls), 4. Patrick Coreno (Mechanicville), 5. Luke Kochon (Cobleskill)

122-250cc Novice: 1. Chad Forstell (Scotia), 2. Anthony Attigliato (Gloversville), 3. Ryan Tietz (Schenectady), 4. Zachary Lewandowski (Hadley), 5. Colin Lansing (Malta)

122-Open Amateur: 1. Nicholas Debernardis (Frankfort), 2. Ryan Conte (New Hartford), 3. Scott Nadeau (Saratoga Springs), 4. Tyler Blowers (Fonda), 5. Aeden O’Connor (Richmondville)

122-Open Expert: 1. Tyler Loud (Catskill), 2. Mark Molesky (Esperance), 3. Drew Cleveland (Howes Cave), 4. Michael Lang (Saugerties), 5. Adam Handy (Johnstown)

122-Open Novice: 1. Ryan Gillen (Saratoga Springs), 2. Deegan Thrasher (Holland Patent), 3. Zachary Lewandowski (Hadley), 4. JT Vietri (Johnstown), 5. Hayden Zelich (Johnstown)

51cc Open (4-8): 1. Trevor David (Whitney Point), 2. Noah Gokey (Camden), 3. Blake Croniser (Boonville), 4. Ryan Gattari (Rome), 5. Soren Allen (Corinth)

51cc Pee Wee Junior (4-6): 1. Blake Croniser (Boonville), 2. Soren Allen (Corinth)

51cc Pee Wee Senior (7-8): 1. Trevor David (Whitney Point), 2. Kip Simonds (Johnstown), 3. Noah Gokey (Camden), 4. Ryan Gattari (Rome), 5. Evan Darling (Gloversville)

65cc Two-Stroke (7-11): 1. Maxx Miller (Johnstown), 2. Benjamin Franco (Yorktown Heights), 3. Kaiden Forrester (Waterville)

Collegeboy (17-24): 1. Mark Molesky (Esperance), 2. Austin Natta (Hadley), 3. Nicholas Debernardis (Frankfort), 4. Deegan Thrasher (Holland Point), 5. Joshua Grant (Valley Falls)

Jr Mini 9-11 59-85 2-Stroke: 1. Cooper Allen (Witherbee), 2. Landry Weingarten (Cobleskill), 3. Benjamin Franco (Yorktown Heights), 4. Maxx Miller (Johnstown), 5. Brendan Doyle (Wyckoff, N.J.)

Mini Quad (50cc Production): 1. Lucas Etzl (New Berlin), 2. Bentley Darling (Gloversville), 3. Myles Tougas (Bainbridge)

Mini Quad (51-90cc Production): 1. Colten Gillespie (Wallkill), 2. Alissa Duncan (East Berne), 3. Nathaniel Kadlic (Cobleskill, 4. Alex Etzl (New Berlin), 5. Kaiden Forrester (Waterville)

Open Mini (10-16): 1. Cooper Allen (Witherbee), 2. Marc Hartje (Pattersonville), 3. Charles Rose (Fonda), 4. Bennett Melita (Johnstown), 5. Blake Shaver (Westerlo)

Plus-25 Amateur (B/C): 1. Scott Nadeau (Saratoga Springs), 2. Sean Gillen (Saratoga Springs), 3. Salvatore Attigiato (Gloversville), 4. Matt Mathewson (Bainbridge), 5. Gary Lapishka (Averill Park)

Plus-25 Expert: 1. Tyler Loud (Catskill), 2. Michael Lang (Saugerties), 3. Drew Cleveland (Howes Cave), 4. Adam Handy (Johnstown), 5. Dustin Bond (West Winfield)

Plus-25 Quad: 1. Jason Holbert (Burlington Flats), 2. Sal Imburgia (Pittsford), 3. Travis Recore (Malone), 4. David Kowell (Syracuse), 5. Brandon Avery (Windsor)

Plus-30 Amateur (B/C): 1. Joe Falzo (Brunswick), 2. Nick Henderson (Schenectady), 3. Josh Wayman (Otego),4. Gerald Playford (Gloversville), 5. Scott Jubic (Troy)

Plus-30 Expert: 1. Michael Lawlor (Berlin), 2. Grant Gasstrom (Ilion), 3. Bill Beer (Schenectady), 4. Andrew Tripple (West Winfield)

Plus-40 Amateur (B/C): 1. Jake Kiefner (Rotterdam), 2. Kelly Myers (Boonville), 3. Travis Boyd (Stephentown)

Plus-40 Expert: 1. Grant Gasstrom (Ilion), 2. Bill Beer (Schenectady), 3. Edward Nadeau (Saratoga Springs), 4. Gene Nighman (Cortland), 5. Michael Ward (Johnstown)

Plus-45 Amateur (B/C): 1. Peter Lawrence (South Hero, Vt.), 2. Travis Boyd (Stephentown), 3. Marc Forstall (Schenectady), 4. John Pajack (Albany)

Plus-45 Expert: 1. Gene Nighman (Cortland), 2. Edward Nadeau (Saratoga Springs), 3. Michael Ward (Johnstown), 4. Scott Usmail (Rome), 5. Dominick Cittadino (Liverpool)

Plus-50: 1. Edward Nadeau (Saratoga Springs), 2. Peter Lawrence (South Hero, Vt.), 3. Marc Forstall (Schenectady), 4. Dennis Fitzpatrick (Gloversville), 5. Stanley Pawlikowski III (Delhi)

Quad Amateur: 1. Thomas Snyder (Schenevus), 2. William Shafer III (East Worcester), 3. Joshua Reff (Clayton), 4. Alex Willett (Malone), 5. Owen Bell (Queensbury)

Quad Collegeboy (16-24): 1. Adam Briggs (Fulton), 2. Thomas Snyder (Schenevus), 3. William Shafer III (East Worcester)

Quad Expert: 1. Michael Talbot (Edmeston), 2. Theodore Vanbrink (Richfield Springs), 3. Sam Imburgia (Pittsford), 4. Adam Briggs (Fulton), 5. Ryan Frasier (Little Falls)

Quad Novice: 1. Matthew Mitchell (Melrose), 2. Corey Simmons (Edmeston), 3. Alexander Ritton (Schenevus),

4. Remington Shafer (East Worcester), 5. Avery Curley (Troy)

Quad Schoolboy (10-16 Mod): 1. Skyler Olmstead (Fonda), 2. Remington Shafer (East Worcester), 3. Tyler Covey (Gloversville), 4. Kaylee Ross (Willet)

Schoolboy (12-16): 1. Kaden Ozog (Poland), 2. Carter Petersen (Fonda), 3. Chad Forstell (Scotia), 4. Gavin Betts (Clifton Park), 5. Ryder Abare (Gansevoort)

Senior Mini 79-85 Two-Stroke (12-15): 1. Bennett Melita (Johnstown), 2. Blake Shaver (Westerlo), 3. Caleb Thrasher (Holland Point), 4. Daniel Clemens (Tully), 5. Calvin Dopp (Amsterdam)

Women (85-250cc): 1. Sarah Lawlor (Berlin), 2. Kelly Myers (Boonville), 3. Jessica Beardsley (Brewerton)

By Paul Wager

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