Area riders fare well at Royal Mountain

Kyle Kiefner (966), Earl Lyons (215), Hayden Zelich (129) and Ryan Collins (225) chase Anthony Manning (910) during the opening moto for the 122-open novice division during Monster Energy Drink Supercross competition Wednesday at Royal Mountain Ski Area in Caroga Lake. (The Leader-Herald/James A. Ellis)

CAROGA LAKE — A busy stretch of racing continued Wednesday as Royal Mountain Ski Area hosted Monster Energy Supercross competition.

Having hosted a two-day Central New York Motocross Racers Association event Saturday and Sunday, Royal was back in action Wednesday.

Several area riders picked up wins in their respective classes.

Johnstown’s Kyle Pollak, Gloversville’s Anthony Attigliato, Fonda’s Timothy Wilmot, Mayfield’s Jordan Miller, Gloversville’s Shane Graham, Gloversville’s Sean Dufel, St. Johnsville’s Burton Wilson, Broadalbin’s Josh Deuel and Fonda’s Carter Petersen.

Dufel won the plus-30 amateur class, Wilson won the plus-30 expert class and Deuel won the quad amateur class.

Miller won the quad schoolboy class. She also was second in the pit bike class.

Pollak won the 122-250 expert class and was second in the 122-open expert class.

Attigliato won the 122-250 novice class and Graham won the pit bike class.

Wilmot won the junior mini 9- to 11-year-old class and was fifth in the open mini 10- to 16-year-old class.

Petersen won the schoolboy class. He also was second in the 122-250 amateur class and fourth in the 122-125 two-stroke class.

Three riders claimed wins in two separate classes Wednesday.

Frankfort’s Nicholas Debernadis won the 122-open amateur and 122-250 amateur classes.

Clifton Park’s Gavin Betts won the mini 80 12- to 15-year-old class and the open mini 10- to 16-year-old classes.

Cropseyville’s Xzavier Halse won the 50cc 7- and 8-year-old and mini 60 7- to 11-year-old classes.

In the quad classes, New Berlin’s Lucas Etzl (mini quad 50cc), East Berne’s Alissa Duncan (51-90cc) and Marcy’s Chris Reid (quad novice) all posted victories.

Other winners included Oriskany Falls’ Codi Russell (122-125 two-stroke), Saugerties’ Michael Lang (122-open expert), Schenectady’s Anthony Manning (122-open novice), Ghent’s Sebastian Witherell (50cc 4-6), Rotterdam’s Jake Kiefner (plus-40 amateur),

Several area riders posted top-five finishes.

In the 122-125 two-stroke class, Gloversville’s Devin Buyce was third and Johnstown’s Hayden Zelich was fifth. Buyce also was second in the schoolboy class, while Tribes Hill’s Matheu Dettenrieder was fifth.

Johnstown’s Brandon Handy was fifth in the 122-250 amateur class and fourth in the 122-open amateur class.

Johnstown’s Casey Battisti was second in the 122-250 expert class.

In the 122-250 novice class, Nelliston’s Tyler Dygert was second, Fonda’s Charles Rose was fourth and Mayfield’s Brandon Tyler was fifth. Dygert also was fourth in the 122-open novice class, while Zelich was fifth. Rose also was second in the open mini 10- to 16-year-old class and Johnstown’s Bennett Melita was third. Melita also was second in the mini 80 12- to 15-year-old class.

Gloversville’s Salvatore Attigliato was second in the 122-open amateur class, while Gloversville’s Sal Attigliato Jr. was second in the 50cc 4- to 6-year-old class.

Johnstown’s Kip Simonds was fourth in the 50cc 7-and-8-year-old class, while Gloversville’s Evan Darling was fifth.

Dolgeville’s Jim George was second in the mini 60 7- to 11-year-old class and Pattersonville’s Eason Baker was fifth.

In the mini quad 50cc class, Ethan Cornell was second and Fonda’s Tyler Miller was fourth.

In the pit bike class, Broadalbin’s Shane Porter was third and Mayfield’s Nicholas Warner was fifth.

Gloversville’s Gerald Playford was third in the plus-30 amateur class, while Johnstown’s Michael Ward was second in the plus-30 expert class.

In the plus-40 amateur class, Stratford’s Tom Hogan was second and Hagaman’s Joe Kulewicz was fourth.

Mayfield’s Andrew Ashbey was second in the quad novice class, while Gloversville’s Tyler Rizzo was fourth in the mini quad 51-90cc class.

Royal will continue its busy stretch Sunday as it will host its 35th annual Monster motorcycle, ATV and snowmobile hillclimb.

All hillclimbers must be signed in by 10 a.m. with hillclimbing at 11 a.m.

The event is the highlight of the racing season at Royal with more than 200 of the fastest hillclimbers in the country on hand. It is a points-paying event for the New England Hillclimbers Association and the only time they come to New York.

The classes to be run range from 50cc to open, senior multi-cylinder.

All hillclimbers get two tries at the 700-foot hill with the fastest time counting.

Awards are given for the top four in each class and the fastest time of the day. Bike judging also is a part of the the hillclimb at Royal.

For more information, visit

Monster Energy Supercross

at Royal Mountain Ski Area

122-125 Two-Stroke: 1. Codi Russell (Oriskany Falls), 2. Ray Sullivan (Marlboro), 3. Devin Buyce (Gloversville), 4. Carter Petersen (Fonda), 5. Hayden Zelich (Johnstown)

122-250 Amateur: 1. Nicholas Debernardis (Frankfort), 2. Carter Petersen (Fonda), 3. Carter Gibbons (Scotia), 4. Erin Demers (Troy), 5. Brandon Handy (Johnstown)

122-250 Expert: 1. Kyle Pollak (Johnstown), 2. Casey Battisti (Johnstown)

122-250 Novice: 1. Anthony Attigliato (Gloversville), 2. Tyler Dygert (Nelliston), 3. Ryan Tietz (Schenectady), 4. Charles Rose (Fonda), 5. Brandon Tyler (Mayfield)

122-Open Amateur: 1. Nicholas Debernardis (Frankfort), 2. Salvatore Attigliato (Gloversville), 3. Carter Gibbons (Scotia), 4. Brandon Handy (Johnstown), 5. Richard Young III (Nassau)

122-Open Expert: 1. Michael Lang (Saugerties), 2. Kyle Pollak (Johnstown)

122-Open Novice: 1. Anthony Manning (Schenectady), 2. Earl Lyons (Ghent), 3. Clay Smith (East Berne), 4. Tyler Dygert (Nelliston), 5. Hayden Zelich (Johnstown)

50cc (4-6): 1. Sebastian Witherell (Ghent), 2. Sal Attigliato Jr. (Gloversville)

50cc (7-8): 1. Xzavier Halse (Cropseyville), 2. Finn Smith (East Berne), 3. Triton Hofelich (East Berne), 4. Kip Simonds (Johnstown), 5. Evan Darling (Gloversville)

Junior Mini (9-11): 1. Timothy Wilmot (Fonda), 2. Johnny Shellard (Delanson), 3. Tripp Taylor (Walton)

Mini 60 (7-11): 1. Xzavier Halse (Cropseyville), 2. Jim George (Dolgeville), 3. Finn Smith (East Berne), 4. Triton Hofelich (East Berne), 5. Eason Baker (Pattersonville)

Mini 80 (12-15): 1. Gavin Betts (Clifton Park), 2. Bennett Melita (Johnstown), 3. Blake Shaver (Westerlo)

Mini Quad (50cc): 1. Lucas Etzl (New Berlin), 2. Ethan Cornell (Johnstown), 3. Blake Conroy (Saratoga Springs), 4. Tyler Miller (Fonda), 5. Chase Marek (Natural Bridge)

Mini Quad (51-90cc): 1. Alissa Duncan (East Berne), 2. Rian Hynes (Esperance), 3. Madeliene Rose (Delanson), 4. Tyler Rizzo (Gloversville), 5. Alex Etzl (New Berlin),

Open Mini (10-16): 1. Gavin Betts (Clifton Park), 2. Charles Rose (Fonda), 3. Bennett Melita (Johnstown), 4. Blake Shaver (Westerlo), 5. Timothy Wilmot (Fonda)

Pit Bike: 1. Shane Graham (Gloversville), 2. Jordan Miller (Mayfield), 3. Shane Porter (Broadalbin), 4. Nick Pedrick (Davenport), 5. Nicholas Warner (Mayfield)

Plus 30 Amateur: 1. Sean Dufel (Gloversville), 2. Seth Ringel (Delmar), 3. Gerald Playford (Gloversville)

Plus 30 Expert: 1. Burton Wilson (St. Johnsville), 2. Michael Ward (Johnstown),

3. Michael Lawlor (Berlin)

Plus 40 Amateur: 1. Jake Kiefner (Rotterdam), 2. Tom Hogan (Stratford), 3. Keith Orr (Apollo, Pa.), 4. Joe Kulewicz (Hagaman), 5. Robert Staalesen (Schenectady)

Quad Amateur: 1. Josh Deuel (Broadalbin), 2. Matthew Mitchell (Melrose)

Quad Novice: 1. Chris Reid (Marcy), 2. Andrew Ashbey (Mayfield), 3. Griffen Parker Clayville)

Quad Schoolboy (12-16): 1. Jordan Miller (Mayfield)

Schoolboy (12-16): 1. Carter Petersen (Fonda), 2. Devin Buyce (Gloversville), 3. Ray Sullivan (Marlboro), 4. Codi Russell (Oriskany Falls), 5. Matheu Dettenrieder (Tribes Hill)

By Paul Wager

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