Petersen a triple winner at Monster Supercross event

Fonda’s Carter Petersen powers through a turn during Monster Energy Supercross action Wednesday night at Royal Mountain. Petersen returned to Royal Mountain Friday night and picked up victories in three separate classes. (The Leader-Herald/James A. Ellis)

CAROGA LAKE — After posting a victory in the 122-125 2-stroke only division and a pair of runner-up finishes in the 122-250 Am and Schoolboy division on Wednesday, Fonda’s Carter Petersen returned to Royal Mountain and swept the classes in Monster Energy Supercross action Friday night.

The competition was added to the schedule as a make-up date for a rained out night of competition earlier this season.

Petersen led a large contingent of local riders posting victories Friday night.

Johnstown’s Adam Handy picked up victories in the 122-250 and 122-Open Expert divisions, while Gloversville’s Anthony Attigliato won the 122-250 Novice and Salvatore Attigliato won the 122-Open Amateur division.

Johnstown’s Hayden Zelich topped the field in the 122-Open Novice division, while Maxx Miller won the Mini 60 7-11 year-old division and Fonda’s Timothy Wilmot won the 9-11-year-old Junior Mini class.

Gloversville’s Tyler Rizzo picked up the victory in the Mini Quad 51-90cc division, while Shane Graham won the Pitbike class and Tyler Covey was first in Quad Schoolboy.

Fonda’s Charles Rose topped the podium in the Open Mini class, while Burton Wilson of Saint Johnsville won Plus 30 Expert, Broadalbin’s Josh Deuel won the Quad Am division and Mayfield’s Andrew Ashbey won Quad Novice.

Also posting victories Friday night were: Sebastian Witherell (50cc (4-6), Triton Hofelich (50cc 7-8), Riley Greiner, of Matamoras, PA, (Mini 80 9-11), Nicholas Touzin (Mini 80 9-11), Lucas Etzl (Mini Quad 50), Edward Ladd III (Plus 30 AM) and Edward Ladd Jr. (Plus 40 AM).

Zelich also placed third in the 122-125 2-stroke only class, while Johnstown’s Brandon Handy placed fourth in 122-250 AM and second in 122-Open AM. Johnstown’s Casey Battisti was second in 122-250 Expert and Amsterdam’s Xavier Folts was fourth in the class.

Nelliston’s Tyler Dygert placed third in the 122-250 Novice, while Salvatore Attigliato Jr. was third in the 50cc 4-6-year-old division.

In the 50cc 7-8 year old division, Johnstown’s Kip Simonds was second, Gloversville’s Evan Darling third and Johnstown’s Adam Handy was fourth.

Maxx Miller added a third place finish in the Jr. Mini class to his Mini 60 victory, while Dolgeville’s Jim George was second and Simonds was third in Mini 60.

Johnstown’s Bennett Melita placed third in Mini 80 and fourth in Open Mini, while Johnstown’s Ethan Cornell was second, Fonda’s Tyler Miller and Saint Johnstown’s Blaire Wilson was fifth in the Mini Quad 50 division.

Mayfield’s Chloe VanNostrand was third and Gloversville’s Jake McAuliffe fourth in the Mini Quad 51-90 division and Wilmot added a fifth-place finish in the Open Mini division to his Junior Mini victory.

In the Pitbike class, Broadalbin’s Brian Sitterly and Dan Gifford were second and third respectively, while Johnstown’s Zach Szurek was fourth in the class.

Gloversville’s Sean Dufel placed fourth in Plus 30 Amateur, while Johnstown’s Michael Ward was second in Plus 30 Expert and Johnstown’s Tom Hogan and Gloversville’s Jim Larken were second and fifth respectively in the Plus 40 Amateur division.

Gloversville’s Anthony Covey was second in Quad Novice, while Tribes Hill’s Matheu Dettenrieder, Fort Plain’s Kyle Oertel, Gloversville’s Nicholas Hughes and Devin Buyce placed third through sixth respectively in the Schoolboy division.

Supercross action will return to the track Wednesday night with the final CNYMRA Motocross event of the season on Saturday.

Royal will host a NY Off Road Moto/Woods competition for the first time on Aug. 18.

Monster Energy Supercross

July 26

122-125 2-stroke Only: 1. Carter Petersen (Fonda), 2. Wyatt Leonard (Otego), 3. Hayden Zelich (Johnstown), 4. Scott Sheehan (Stillwater), 5. Brett Unser (Scotia).

122-250 AM: 1. Carter Petersen (Fonda), 2. Wyatt Leonard (Otego), 3. Austin LeFebvre (Stillwater), 4. Brandon Handy (Johnstown), 5. Carter Gibbons (Scotia).

122-250 EX: 1. Adam Handy (Johnstown), 2. Casey Battisti (Johnstown), 3. Connor Worthen (Brant Lake), 4. Xavier Folts (Amsterdam).

122-250 Novice: 1. Anthony Attigliato (Gloversville), 2. Kyle MacFarland (Old Chatham), 3. Tyler Dygert (Nelliston), 4. Clay Smith (East Berne), 5. Ryan Tietz (Schenectady).

122-Open AM: 1. Salvatore Attigliato (Gloversville), 2. Brandon Handy (Johnstown), 3. Wyatt Leonard (Otego), 4. Carter Gibbons (Scotia), 5. Jacob Starritt (Hannacroix).

122-Open EX: 1. Adam Handy (Johnstown), 2. Connor Worthen (Brant Lake).

122-Open Novice: 1. Hayden Zelich (Johnstown), 2. Earl Lyons (Ghent), 3. Kyle Kiefner (Pattersonville), 4. Tyler Dygert (Nelliston), 5. Kyle MacFarland (Old Chatham).

50cc (4-6): 1. Sebastian Witherell (Ghent), 2. Maxx King (Gansevoort), 3. Sal Attigliato Jr. (Gloversville).

50cc (7-8): 1. Triton Hofelich (East Berne), 2. Kip Simonds (Johnstown), 3. Evan Darling (Gloversville), 4. Adam Handy (Johnstown), 5. Finn Smith (East Berne).

J. Mini (9-11): 1. Timothy Wilmot (Fonda), 2. Brydon Broe (Queensbury), 3. Maxx Miller (Johnstown), 4. Nicholas Touzin (Ravena), 5. Mason King (Gansevoort).

Mini 60 (7-11): 1. Maxx Miller (Johnstown), 2. Jim George (Dolgeville), 3. Kip Simonds (Johnstown), 4. Finn Smith (East Berne).

Mini 80 (12-15): 1. Riley Greiner (Matamoras, PA), 2. Blake Shaver (Westerlo), 3. Bennett Melita (Johnstown).

Mini 80 (9-11): 1. Nicholas Touzin (Ravena), 2. Brydon Broe (Queensbury), 3. Mason King (Ganesvoort).

Mini Quad 50: 1. Lucas Etzl (New Berlin), 2. Ethan Cornell (Johnstown), 3. Tyler Miller (Fonda), 4. Hunter Duell (East Berne), 5. Blaire Wilson (St. Johnsville).

Mini Quad 51-90: 1. Tyler Rizzo (Gloversville), 2. Alex Etzl (New Berlin), 3. Chloe VanNostrand (Mayfield), 4. Jake McAuliffe (Gloversville).

Open Mini (10-16): 1. Charles Rose (Fonda), 2. riley Greiner (Matamoras, PA), 3. Blake Shaver (Westerlo), 4. Bennett melita (Johnstown), 5. Timothy Wilmot (Fonda).

Pitbike: 1. Shane Graham (Gloversville), 2. Brian Sitterly (Broadalbin), 3. Dan Gifford (Broadalbin), 4. Zach Szurek (Johnstown), 5. Alex Etzl (New Berlin).

Plus 30 AM (B/C): 1. Edward Ladd III (Fort Ann), 2. Earl Lyons (Ghent), 3. Seth Ringel (Delmar), 4. Sean Dufel (Gloversville), 5. Scott Jubic (Troy).

Plus 30 EX: 1. Burton Wilson (St. Johnsville), 2. Michael Ward (Johnstown).

Quad AM: 1. Josh Deuel (Broadalbin), 2. Owen Bell (Queensbury).

Quad Novice: Andrew Ashbey (Mayfield), 2. Anthony Covey (Gloversville).

Quad Schoolboy (12-16): 1. Tyler Covey (Gloversville).

Schoolboy (12-16): 1. Carter Petersen (Fonda), 2. Brett Unser (Scotia—, 3. Matheu Dettenrieder (Tribes Hill), 4. Kyle Oertel (Fort Plain), 5. Nicholas Hughes (Gloversville), 6. Devin Buyce (Gloversville).

By Paul Wager

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