H.S. Bowling Roundup: Johnstown loses to Scotia-Glenville, 3-1

JOHNSTOWN — Savannah Swiatocha posted a 235-662 to lead Scotia-Glenville to a 3-1 victory over Johnstown in a Foothills Council bowling match Wednesday.

Jacob Leffler finished with a 223-629 for the Tartans, Josh Allen had a 234-563 and Nick Auspelmyer recorded a 196-523. Aiden Young added a 195-494 for Scotia-Glenville, which finished with a 3,238-3,021 advantage in total pins.

Steven Hulbert finished with a 222-603 to lead Johnstown, while Mick Winton posted a 205-587.

Brianna Subik rolled a 190-525 for Johnstown, and Damien Roth added a 169-490.

The match was contested virtually, with each team bowling at its home lanes, with the scores combined later.


Fonda-Fultonville 4, Canajoharie 0

AMSTERDAM — Tomek Kowalczyk rolled a 280-598 to lead Fonda-Fultonville to a 4-0 victory over Canajoharie in a Western Athletic Conference boys bowling match Wednesday.

Ethan Auspelmyer posted a 200-575 for the Braves, Hayden Auspelmyer rolled a 193-570 and Kyle Davis had a 185-500. Devin Humphrey posted a 181-474 for FFCS, and Anthony Cannizzaro added a 178-461.

Tanner Ackerknecht posted a 220-593 to lead Canajoharie, while Derek Mereness finished with a 208-582. Oare Dellinger added a 170-472 for the Cougars.

Fonda-Fultonville finished with a 2,777-2,521 advantage in total pins.

The match was contested virtually, with Fonda-Fultonville competing at Imperial Lanes in Amsterdam and Canajoharie bowling at Iroquois Lanes in Canajoharie.

The scores were combined later.

By Paul Wager