Johnstown players named Wasaren all-stars

Johnstown’s Chase Benton (8) was named a first-team Wasaren League all-star as a midfielder and faceoff specialist. (The Leader-Herald/Paul Wager)

Several Johnstown boys lacrosse players were among those named to the Wasaren League all-star team.

The Sir Bills won the league title this season as well as the Section II Class D crown.

Johnstown, which went 12-0 this season, had 10 players named first-team all-stars, while two were named to the second team.

Matt Wheelis, Bryce Mureness and Ryan Hoyt were named first-team attack, while Chase Benton and Caden Mureness were named first-team midfielders. Benton also was named first-team as a face-off specialist.

Ethan Petrie and Kenny Boger were named first-team defense, Kyle Salamack was named first-team goalie and Jack Germain was named first-team long-stick midfielder.

Earning second-team honors for Johnstown were defender Jack Haverly and midfielder Damien Waight.

Rounding out the first-team selections were Greenwich’s Bill Bink (long-stick midfield), Stillwater/Mechanicville’s Michael Marinello (midfield) and Greenwich’s Travis Michel (defense).

In addition to its two first-team selections, Greenwich also had Gavin Blair (attack), Garret Wardwell (attack), Hunter Dixson (midfield, face-off) named to the second team.

Stillwater/Mechanicville’s Anthony Cocozzo (attack), Nick Samora (midfield), John Kearns (defense), Zach Lesson (defense), Nick Halse (goalie) and Logan Toleman (long-stick midfield) also were named second-team all-stars.

Stillwater/Mechanicville also had Tyler Paffen (attack), Luca Rapisarda (attack), Colby Paffen (midfield, face-off), Caleb Dyer (midfield) and Noah Brown (defense) named honorable mention.

Greenwich’s Blake Demianeko (midfield), Collin Hughes (defense), Noah Davis (defense) and Owen Keech (goalie) also earned honorable-mention status, along with Hoosick Falls/Tamarac’s Cameron Fanfa (attack).

2021 Wasaren League Boys Lacrosse All-Stars

First Team

Attack: Matt Wheelis (Johnstown), Bryce Mureness (Johnstown), Ryan Hoyt (Johnstown)

Midfield: Chase Benton (Johnstown), Caden Mureness (Johnstown), Michael Marinello (Stillwater/Mechanicville)

Defense: Travis Michel (Greenwich), Ethan Petrie (Johnstown), Kenny Boger (Johnstown)

Goalie: Kyle Salamack (Johnstown)

Long-Stick Midfield: Bill Bink (Greenwich), Jack Germain (Johnstown)

Faceoff: Chase Benton (Johnstown)

Second Team

Attack: Gavin Blair (Greenwich), Garret Wardwell (Greenwich), Anthony Cocozzo (Stillwater/Mechanicville)

Midfield: Hunter Dixson (Greenwich), Nick Samora (Stillwater/Mechanicville),Damien Waight (Johnstown)

Defense: John Kearns (Stillwater/Mechanicville), Zach Lesson (Stillwater/Mechanicville), Jack Haverly (Johnstown)

Goalie: Nick Halse (Stillwater/Mechanicville)

Long-Stick Midfield: Logan Toleman (Stillwater/Mechanicville)

Faceoff: Hunter Dixson (Greenwich)

Honorable Mention

Attack: Tyler Paffen (Stillwater/Mechanicville), Luca Rapisarda (Stillwater/Mechanicville), Cameron Fanfa (Hoosick Falls/Tamarac)

Midfield: Blake Demianeko (Greenwich), Colby Paffen (Stillwater/Mechanicville), Caleb Dyer (Stillwater/Mechanicville)

Defense: Collin Hughes (Greenwich), Noah Davis (Greenwich), Noah Brown (Stillwater/Mechanicville)

Goalie: Owen Keech (Greenwich)

Faceoff: Colby Paffen (Stillwater/Mechanicville)

By Paul Wager