Another big night for area riders at Royal Mountain


Gloversville’s Anthony Attigliato was third in the 122-250 amateur class during supercross competition Wednesday at Royal Mountain Ski Area in Caroga Lake.

CAROGA LAKE – Another week, another season-high turnout at Royal Mountain Ski Area for its weekly supercross event.

For the second straight week, more than 200 entries took part Wednesday, with a season-high 247 entries competing.

Area riders claimed wins in 13 of the 27 classes Wednesday.

Canajoharie’s C.J. Renzi won the 122-open novice class, placing fourth in the first moto and first in the second moto. Renzi also was third in the 122-250 novice class.

Johnstown’s Brett Unser swept both motos to win the 122-125 two-stroke class. Unser also was fifth in the 122-250 amateur class.

Johnstown’s Kip Simonds was second in the first moto and first in the second moto to win the junior mini 9-to-11-year-old class.

Johnstown’s Maxx Miller won the mini 80 12-to-15-year-old class after winning both of his motos. Miller also was fourth in the open mini 10-to-16-year-old class.

Fonda’s Charles Rose was second in the first moto and first in the second moto to collect the victory in the 122-open amateur class.

Johnstown’s Anderson Giardino won the mini quad 50cc class after sweeping both motos, while St. Johnsville’s Blaire Wilson won the mini quad 51-90cc class after winning both motos.

Johnstown’s Brandon Handy won both motos to pick up the win in the 122-250 expert class, Broadalbin’s Dan Gifford won the pit bike stock class, Amsterdam’s Justin Richards won the quad amateur class, and Johnstown’s Adam Handy won the plus-30 expert class.

Pattersonville’s Mike Baker won the plus-40 amateur class, sweeping both motos. Baker also was second in the plus-30 amateur class.

Johnstown’s Michael Ward won both motos to collect the victory in the plus-50 open class. He also placed fourth in the plus-30 expert class.

Two riders picked up wins in multiple classes on Wednesday.

East Nassau’s Aiden Held won the 50cc open/E-Bike 4-to-8-year-old and 50cc/E-bike 7-and-8-year-old classes, winning all four of his motos in the process.

Clifton Park’s Gavin Betts won all four of his motos to pick up wins in the 122-250 amateur and schoolboy/girl classes.

Other winners included Zack Brandley (122-250 novice), Salem’s Connor Worthen (122-open expert), Oneida’s Kasen Dailey (50cc 4-6), Selkirk’s Hudson Vagele (mini 80 9-11), Selkirk’s Henry Vagele (open mini 10-16), Greenwich’s John Burnham (plus-30 amateur), Wallkill’s Colton Gillespie (quad schoolboy/girl 12-16), Schenectady’s Charles Roney (quad novice), Paige Weingarten of Dallas, Ga. (women 85-250cc), and Sawyer Lane of Arlington, Vt. (mini 60 7-11).

Several area riders posted top-five finishes in their respective classes.

Amsterdam’s Mia Richards was second in the quad schoolboy/girl 12-to-16-year-old class, while Fultonville’s Kendra Cary was second.

In the 122-125 two-stroke class, Nelliston’s Brandon Dygert was third and Amsterdam’s Seth Garrison was fourth.

In the pit bike stock class, Gloversville’s Kenny Holliday was second, Gloversville’s Shane Graham was third, Broadalbin’s Grayson Guttenberg was fourth and Mayfield’s Jack Battisti was fifth.

Johnstown’s Hayden Zelich was fifth in the 122-open amateur class, Northville’s Nash Stortecky was second in the mini 80 9-to-11-year-old class, Pattersonville’s Kyle Kiefner was second in the 122-open novice class, and Johnstown’s Tom Hogan was second in the plus-40 amateur class.

Gloversville’s Anthony Attigliato was third in the 122-250 amateur class, while Galway’s Trevor Patterson was fourth. Patterson also was third in the open mini 10-to-16-year-old class.

In the 122-250 novice class, Broadalbin’s Owen Marek was second and Fort Plain’s Cooper Reynolds was fourth. Marek also was third in the schoolboy class.

Gloversville’s Sal Attigliato Jr. was second in the 50cc open/E-Bike 4-to-8-year-old class, while Johnstown’s Bradley Russo was fifth. Attigliato also was third in the 50cc/E-Bike 7-and-8-year-old class, Russo was fourth and Gloversville’s Connor Hallenbeck was fifth.

St. Johnsville’s Burton Wilson IV was second in the 50cc 4-to-6-year-old class, while Amsterdam’s Maverick Manzer was fourth.

Pattersonville’s Eason Baker was fourth in the mini 60 7-to-11-year-old class, while Johnstown’s Sean Smith Jr. was fifth.

Mayfield’s Chloe VanNostrand was second in the mini quad 51-90cc class, while S.t Johnsville’s Kaci Bare was fourth.

In the quad novice class, Northville’s Joshua Bedell was second and Mayfield’s Zachary VanNostrand was fourth.

Mayfield’s Nick Cross was third in the plus-30 amateur class, while Fultonville’s Adam Dutcher was fourth.

Royal Mountain Ski Area will be back in action this weekend, hosting a two-day AMA-sanctioned Central New York Motocross Riders Association District 3 event on Saturday and Sunday.
Sign-ups are scheduled begin both days at 7 p.m. with practice starting at 9 a.m.

at Royal Mountain Ski Area
Wednesday’s Results
122-OPEN NOVICE: 1. C.J. Renzi (Canajoharie), 2. Kyle Kiefner (Pattersonville), 3. Cory Phillips (New Baltimore), 4. Garrison Siemers (Stuyvesant), 5. Scott Stannard (Dorset, Vt.)
122-125 TWO-STROKE: 1. Brett Unser (Johnstown), 2. Zachary Johnson (Salem), 3. Brandon Dygert (Nelliston), 4. Seth Garrison (Amsterdam), 5. Nicholas Servidone (Castleton on Hudson)
122-250 AMATEUR: 1. Gavin Betts (Clifton Park), 2. Hagen Lilley (Warrensburg), 3. Anthony Attigliato (Gloversville), 4. Trevor Patterson (Galway), 5. Brett Unser (Johnstown)
122-250 EXPERT: 1. Brandon Handy (Johnstown), 2. Connor Worthen (Salem)
122-250 NOVICE: 1. Zack Brandley (Kaw), 2. Owen Marek (Broadalbin), 3. C.J. Renzi (Canajoharie), 4. Cooper Reynolds (Fort Plain), 5. Trevor Siemers (Stuyvesant)
122-OPEN AMATEUR: 1. Charles Rose (Fonda), 2. Hagen Lilley (Warrensburg), 3. Joseph Edwards (Cobleskill), 4. Ryan Gillis (Greenwich), 5. Hayden Zelich (Johnstown)
122-OPEN EXPERT: 1. Connor Worthen (Salem)
50cc OPEN/E-BIKE (4-8): 1. Aiden Held (East Nassau), 2. Sal Attigliato Jr (Gloversville), 3. Cole Vangorder (Accord), 4. Colton Tubbs (Corinth), 5. Bradley Russo (Johnstown)
50cc (4-6): 1. Kasen Dailey (Oneida), 2. Burton Wilson IV (St. Johnsville), 3. Mckinnon Gray, 4. Maverick Manzer (Amsterdam), 5. Trento Brandley
50cc 7-8/E-BIKE (7-8): 1. Aiden Held (East Nassau), 2. Cole Vangorder (Accord), 3. Sal Attigliato Jr. (Gloversville), 4. Bradley Russo (Johnstown), 5. Connor Hallenbeck (Gloversville)
JUNIOR MINI (9-11): 1. Kip Simonds (Johnstown), 2. Sawyer Lane (Arlington, Vt.), 3. Finn Smith (East Berne), 4. Aiden Held (East Nassau), 5. Bailey Sheldon (Pawlet, Vt.)
MINI 60 (7-11): 1. Sawyer Lane (Arlington, Vt.), 2. Finn Smith (East Berne), 3. Aiden Held (East Nassau), 4. Eason Baker (Pattersonville), 5. Sean Smith Jr. (Johnstown)
MINI 80 (12-15): 1. Maxx Miller (Johnstown), 2. Kolt Wojtowecz (Middle Grove), 3. Joe Fretto, 4. Kaden Mcaffrey (Schaghticoke), 5. Wesley Willoughby (Sharon Springs)
MINI 80 (9-11): 1. Hudson Vagele (Selkirk), 2. Nash Stortecky (Northville)
MINI QUAD (50cc): 1. Anderson Giardino (Johnstown), 2. Ryelee David
MINI QUAD (51-90cc): 1. Blaire Wilson (St. Johnsville), 2. Chloe Vannostrand (Mayfield), 3. Blake Conroy (Saratoga Springs), 4. Kaci Bare (St. Johnsville), 5. Savanah Symonds (Frankfort)
OPEN MINI (10-16): 1. Henry Vagele (Selkirk), 2. Hudson Vagele (Selkirk), 3. Trevor Patterson (Galway), 4. Maxx Miller (Johnstown), 5. Kolt Wojtowecz (Middle Grove)
PIT BIKE STOCK: 1. Dan Gifford (Broadalbin), 2. Kenny Holliday (Gloversville), 3. Shane Graham (Gloversville), 4. Grayson Guttenberg (Broadalbin), 5. Jack Battisti (Mayfield)
PLUS-30 AMATEUR (B/C): 1. John Burnham (Greenwich), 2. Mike Baker (Pattersonville), 3. Nick Cross (Mayfield), 4. Adam Dutcher (Fultonville), 5. Ryan Gillis (Greenwich)
PLUS-30 EXPERT: 1. Adam Handy (Johnstown), 2. Kris St. Gelais (Schaghticoke), 3. Henry Kriz (Kinderhook), 4. Michael Ward (Johnstown)
PLUS-40 AMATEUR (B/C): 1. Mike Baker (Pattersonville), 2. Tom Hogan (Johnstown), 3. Dale Lilley (Warrensburg), 4. Jake Kiefner (Rotterdam), 5. Gary Thrane Jr. (Johnsonville)
PLUS-50 OPEN: 1. Michael Ward (Johnstown), 2. Jamie Nimey (Yorkville), 3. Hurricane Elias
QUAD AMATEUR: 1. Justin Richards (Amsterdam), 2. Robert Gillespie (Wallkill), 3. Zachary Dufresne (Valley Falls)
QUAD NOVICE: 1. Charles Roney (Schenectady), 2. Joshua Bedell (Northville), 3. Ethan Dufresne (Valley Falls), 4. Zachary Vannostrand (Mayfield), 5. Chase Losee (Salem)
QUAD SCHOOLBOY/GIRL (12-16): 1. Colten Gillespie (Wallkill), 2. Mia Richards (Amsterdam), 3. Kendra Cary (Fultonville)
SCHOOLBOY/GIRL: 1. Gavin Betts (Clifton Park), 2. Henry Vagele (Selkirk), 3. Owen Marek (Broadalbin), 4. Zachary Martin (Canaan, Conn.), 5. Justin Woodell (Salem)
WOMEN (85-250cc): 1. Paige Weingarten (Dallas, Ga.), 2. Karlie Hunt (Germantown), 3. Becka Broe (Queensbury), 4. Britney St. Gelais (Schaghticoke), 5. Bailey Sheldon (Pawlet, Vt.)


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