Fonda-Johnstown’s Huckans among swimmers earning Foothills Council honors

Several area swimmers were among those named to the recently announced Foothills Council girls’ swimming and diving all-star team.

Fonda-Johnstown’s Scout Huckans was named to the first team in the 200-yard freestyle. She also was named to the second team in the 100-yard freestyle. Gloversville-Mayfield’s Jenna Krawczeski was named to the second team in the 100 butterfly.

Gloversville-Mayfield’s 200 medley relay team of Abigail Seltzer, Joy Kalac, Katana Gonzalez and Finley Ebersole was named honorable mention. The Sea Dragons’ 200 freestyle team of Seltzer, Gonzalez, Ebersole and Willow Conyne also was named honorable mention.

Queensbury’s Allie Johnston (50 freestyle), Marina Muldner (100 butterfly), Sadie Giumarra (100 freestyle), Alexis Knill (500 freestyle) and Allie Johnston (100 backstroke) were named first-team all-stars. The Spartans also had their 200 medley, 200 freestyle and 400 freestyle relay teams named first team. Knill also was named to the second team in the 50 freestyle, while Muldner earned second-team in the 200 individual medley.

Rounding out the first-team selections were Hudson Falls-South Glens Falls’ Isabella Basile (200 individual medley), Glens Falls’ Kloe Russo (100 breaststroke) and Hudson Falls-South Glens Falls’ Annabelle Lindsay (1-meter diving). Basile also was named to the second team in the 100 backstroke.

Queensbury’s Ryan Tuomela was named a second-team all-star in the 200 freestyle and 500 freestyle. Juliette Demers (1-meter diving) and Susie Boczar (100 breaststroke) also earned second-team honors for the Spartans.

Glens Falls had its 200 medley and 400 freestyle relay teams earn second-team honors, while Hudson Falls-South Glens Falls’ 200 freestyle relay team also was named to the second team.

Queensbury’s Kathryn Linehan (200 freestyle), Mya Stark (200 individual medley), Skylar Durante (100 butterfly), Mya Stark (100 backstroke) and Sophie Roberts (100 breaststroke) all were named honorable mention.

Rounding out the honorable-mention selections were Glens Falls’ Addison Gorton, Glens Falls’ Emma Canale and the Hudson Falls-South Glens Falls 400 freestyle relay.

2022 Foothills Council Girls Swimming & Diving All-Stars

First Team

200 Medley Relay: Queensbury (Allie Johnston, Sophia Roberts, Sadie Giumarra, Alexis Knill)
200 Freestyle: Scout Huckans (Fonda-Johnstown)
200 Individual Medley: Isabella Basile (Hudson Falls-South Glens Falls)
50 Freestyle: Allie Johnston (Queensbury)
Diving: Annabelle Lindsay (Hudson Falls-South Glens Falls)
100 Butterfly: Marina Muldner (Queensbury)
100 Freestyle: Sadie Giumarra (Queensbury)
500 Freestyle: Alexis Knill (Queensbury)
200 Freestyle Relay: Queensbury (Marina Muldner, Abigail Johnson, Sophia Roberts, Sadie Giumarra)
100 Backstroke: Allie Johnston (Queensbury)
100 Breaststroke: Kloe Russo (Glens Falls)
400 Freestyle Relay: Queensbury (Alexis Knill, Mya Stark, Marina Muldner, Allie Johnston)

Second Team

200 Medley Relay: Glens Falls (Claire Seleen, Kloe Russo, Emma Canale, Addison Gorton)
200 Freestyle: Ryan Tuomela (Queensbury)
200 Individual Medley: Marina Muldner (Queensbury)
50 Freestyle: Alexis Knill (Queensbury)
Diving: Juliette Demers (Queensbury)
100 Butterfly: Jenna Krawczeski (Gloversville-Mayfield)
100 Freestyle: Scout Huckans (Fonda-Johnstown)
500 Freestyle: Ryan Tuomela (Queensbury)
200 Freestyle Relay: Hudson Falls-South Glens Falls (Annabelle Lindsay, Isabella Basile, Carly Eldred, Emma Albrecht)
100 Backstroke: Isabella Basile (Hudson Falls-South Glens Falls)
100 Breaststroke: Susie Boczar (Queensbury)
400 Freestyle Relay: Glens Falls (Emma Canale, Addison Gorton, Kloe Russo, Claire Seleen)

Honorable Mention

200 Medley Relay: Gloversville-Mayfield (Abigail Seltzer, Joy Kalac, Katana Gonzalez, Finley Ebersole)
200 Freestyle: Kathryn Linehan (Queensbury)
200 Individual Medley: Mya Stark (Queensbury)
50 Freestyle: Addison Gorton (Glens Falls)
100 Butterfly: Skylar Durante (Queensbury)
100 Freestyle: Emma Canale (Glens Falls)
200 Freestyle Relay: Gloversville-Mayfield (Abigail Seltzer, Willow Conyne, Katana Gonzalez, Finley Ebersole)
100 Backstroke: Mya Stark (Queensbury)
100 Breaststroke: Sophie Roberts (Queensbury)
400 Freestyle Relay: Hudson Falls-South Glens Falls (Emma Albrecht, Carly Eldred, Annbelle Lindsay, Isabella Basile)

By Paul Wager

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