Amsterdam’s Santos, Johnstown’s DeMarco earn Foothills honors



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Several area baseball players were among those named to the 2023 Foothills Council all-star team.

Two area players took home the league’s top honors as Amsterdam junior Manny Santos was named Player of the Year, and Johnstown junior Antonio DeMarco was named Pitcher of the Year.

Broadalbin-Perth had senior Ryan Savoie (pitcher), junior Colin Cotter (catcher) and Garrett Jackowski (utility) earn first team honors.

Johnstown freshman Danny Brown earned first-team honors at shortstop, while Gloversville sophomore Caelan Porter (utility) also was named to the first team.

Amsterdam had Ryan Reagan (third base), Kai Brennan (outfield) and Jude Flint (outfield) named to the first team.

Johnstown senior Zach Tallon was named a second-team all-star at pitcher, while Johnstown senior Evan Baker was named to the second team at second base.

Amsterdam senior Spencer Cotugno was named second team at catcher.

Gloversville junior Dom Dorman was named honorable mention at pitcher, while Broadalbin-Perth sophomore Jake Morin (second base) and T.J. Platt (outfield) both earn honorable-mention status.

Adrian Caron (pitcher) and Alex Coombes (outfield) were named to the first team for Queensbury, while Scotia-Glenville had Aiden Streeter (pitcher) and Zachary Place (second base) named to the first team.

Rounding out the first-team selections were Schuylerville’s Anthony Luzadis (first base) and South Glens Falls’ Ben Cohen (pitcher).

Schuylerville’s Brenden Steinberg (pitcher), Griffin Brophy (utility) and Ashton Morris (outfield) were named second-team all-stars, along with South Glens Falls’ Justin Christensen (shortstop) and James Thompson (outfield).

Also earning second-team honors were Queensbury’s Carson Correa (first base) and Jake Afsar-Keshmiri (outfield); Glens Falls’ Carson Rath (pitcher); Hudson Falls’ Peyton Smith (pitcher); and Scotia-Glenville’s Ryan Allen (third base).

Scotia-Glenville’s Brayden Kramer (pitcher), Kollin Greely (first base) and Jack Taylor (outfield) were named honorable mention, along with Schuylerville’s Trevor French (pitcher) and Luke Sherman (utility).

Rounding out the honorable-mention selections were South Glens Falls’ Charlie Bammert (utility); Queensbury’s Ethan Starr (catcher), Lucas Rolleston (shortstop) and Ryan Blanchard (third base); Glens Falls’ Brayden Bennett (utility); and Hudson Falls’ Connor Rogers (outfield).

2023 Foothills Council Baseball All-Stars
Player of the Year: Manny Santos (Amsterdam)
Pitcher of the Year: Antonio DeMarco (Johnstown)
First Team
Pitcher: Aiden Streeter (Scotia-Glenville), Ben Cohen (South Glens Falls), Adrian Caron (Queensbury), Ryan Savoie (Broadalbin-Perth)
Catcher: Colin Cotter (Broadabin-Perth)
First Base: Anthony Luzadis (Schuylerville)
Second Base: Zachary Place (Scotia-Glenville)
Shortstop: Danny Brown (Johnstown)
Third Base: Ryan Reagan (Amsterdam)
Outfield: Kai Brennan (Amsterdam), Jude Flint (Amsterdam), Alex Coombes (Queensbury)
Utility: Garrett Jackowski (Broadalbin-Perth), Caelan Porter (Gloversville)

Second Team
Pitcher: Brenden Steinberg (Schuylerville), Zach Tallon (Johnstown), Carson Rath (Glens Falls), Peyton Smith (Hudson Falls)
Catcher: Spencer Cotugno (Amsterdam)
First Base: Carson Correa (Queensbury)
Second Base: Evan Baker (Johnstown)
Shortstop: Justin Christensen (South Glens Falls)
Third Base: Ryan Allen (Scotia-Glenville)
Outfield: Ashton Morris (Schuylerville), James Thompson (South Glens Falls), Jake Afsar-Keshmiri (Queensbury)
Utility: Charlie Bammert (South Glens Falls), Griffin Brophy (Schuylerville)

Honorable Mention
Pitcher: Brayden Kramer (Scotia-Glenville), Dom Dorman (Gloversville), Trevor French (Schuylerville)
Catcher: Ethan Starr (Queensbury)
First Base: Kollin Greely (Scotia-Glenville)
Second Base: Jake Morin (Broadalbin-Perth)
Shortstop: Lucas Rolleston (Queensbury)
Third Base: Ryan Blanchard (Queensbury)
Outfield: Jack Taylor (Scotia-Glenville), Connor Rogers (Hudson Falls), T.J. Platt (Broadalbin-Perth)
Utility: Brayden Bennett (Glens Falls), Luke Sherman (Schuylerville)

By Paul Wager

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