Gloversville LL to offer new division

GLOVERSVILLE – Gloversville Little League will offer a new division for baseball starting this year.

The new division will be called 50/70 intermediate. The new field is larger to help prepare players for the next level of play, with the pitching mound 50 feet away from home plate instead of 46 and the base path at 70 feet instead of 60. The outfield fence will be 275 feet instead of 200 feet and a larger bat of 2 5/8″ will be allowed.

The new division will be open to all players, boys and girls league-age 13, who have played at least one year in the majors division. If the player has not played one year in majors, the player must be evaluated to play in the new division. Players who are 12 will be accepted based on need to fill out teams and an evaluation process.

“Gloversville Little League is actively discussing teaming up with Northville, Fonda, Broadalbin and Johnstown Little Leagues, as well as other leagues in the area, to create this new division as Parkhurst Field is the only local facility with an existing and available field to accommodate it.” Gloversville Little League President David Karpinski said in a news release. “We are very excited by this new opportunity to provide the next level of competitive baseball to our players and the kids in the surrounding area.”

For more information, contact Jeff Rocas, 50/70 intermediate division vice president at [email protected] via the GLL website or the league’s Facebook page.

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