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Armed police will patrol rail stations

LONDON (AP) — British officials say armed and undercover police officers will patrol train stations with routes leading to Windsor when Prince Harry marries Meghan Markle on May 19.

British Transport Police said Thursday there will be a visible deployment of officers along with canine units and specialists trained to detect dangerous behavior.

Superintendent John Conaghan says transport police are working closely with local authorities and other police forces to ensure they can respond quickly to any incident.

There will also be specialist teams ready to deal quickly with reports of unattended items being found in stations or on the railways.

Officials expect more than 100,000 people to travel to Windsor to try to see the royal couple. Extra trains will be added.

Cannes welcomes back Lars Von Trier

NEW YORK (AP) — Seven years after being banned by the Cannes Film Festival for jokingly calling himself a Nazi, Danish director Lars von Trier has been invited back to the French festival.

Von Trier was declared “persona non grata” by Cannes after expressing sympathy for Adolf Hitler in a 2011 press conference for his film “Melancholia.” But Cannes on Thursday announced that Von Trier’s “The House That Jack Built” will play out of competition at next month’s festival. The film stars Matt Dillon as a serial killer.

Von Trier has regularly been a figure of controversy in Cannes and elsewhere. In October, Icelandic singer Bjork said he sexually harassed her during the making of 2000’s “Dancer in the Dark.” Von Trier has denied the allegations.

By Patricia Older

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