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Audiobook features memories of Roth

NEW YORK (AP) — An upcoming audio-only book will feature an author’s memories of his complicated friendship with the late Philip Roth.

James Atlas’ “Remembering Roth” comes out March 1, the audio publisher and distributor Audible announced Tuesday. Atlas, whose books have ranged from the memoir “My Life in the Middle Ages” to an acclaimed Delmore Schwartz biography, will reflect on a relationship which began in the late 1970s and continued for decades. Roth died last spring.

According to Audible, Atlas and Roth would take walks together in Manhattan, where the two had apartments on the same block, and read each other’s work. (Atlas was among the few people Roth allowed to see a pre-publication edition of his novel “The Ghost Writer.”) In a 1979 profile which ran in The New York Times, Atlas wrote that Roth was “Discordant, manic, ebullient,” with “the verve of a Borscht-circuit comedian and a genius for mimicry.”

Their friendship was strained by Atlas’ biography of one of Roth’s literary heroes, Saul Bellow, a project that Atlas has written was suggested by Roth. Published in 2000, the book was condemned by many as an overly negative portrait.

Audible, which is owned by, is describing “Remembering Roth” as “Atlas’s deeply personal tribute to Roth delivered in his own voice.”

Dayanara Torres says she has skin cancer

NEW YORK (AP) — Model and actress Dayanara Torres says she has skin cancer and has already undergone two surgeries.

The former Miss Universe said in an Instagram post Monday that doctors have already removed an area on the back of her knee and two lymph nodes on her leg. She says she is awaiting details on further treatments.

Torres, who has two children with ex-husband Marc Anthony, opened the clip by saying that mothers tend to care for everyone around them and forget about themselves.

She urged her 900,000 Instagram followers to make sure they take care of their own wellbeing.

She said she is feeling strong and her sons, ages 18 and 15, know they “have a warrior of a mommy!”

By Josh Bovee

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